Plates Turned Into Chalkboards!

I love decorating with chalkboards.  I have turned mirrors into chalkboards, painted old ugly platters with chalkboard paint for a beautiful hanging, and now I have painted plates…yes, old dinner plates.  It is super easy, and adds a cute touch to any kitchen!
I started with 3 plates that I had sitting in my kitchen cabinet.  The fourth plate had been broken years ago, but for some reason I had hung onto these…maybe it was fate!  I washed and dried them first just to make sure there was no dust left.
Next, I painted three coats of chalkboard paint in the center of each plate.  Make sure to let the paint dry thoroughly between each coat.
I already had this plate rack hanging on my wall, so this is where I chose to display mine.  You could easily display one plate on a plate stand on your kitchen counter…I did that with one of my old serving platters that had a strange rust stain in the middle of it!
Now comes the fun part…writing on your plate.  I chose the very popular “live, laugh, love” for mine, but will be changing it out often for fun!  Maybe to EAT YOUR VEGGIES!  I used a chalk pen, because they write so smoothly, but I usually use chalk.  Do you have any old plates lying around?  Would you dare paint them with chalkboard paint?