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Hello fabulous readers of Mom 4 Real. I am so excited that I get to share with you my Art Caddy! I have been a follower of Mom 4 Real and I am over the moon that I am here meeting YOU! My name is Debbie and I am the person behind Debbie Does Creations. A DIY, craft, recipe blog where I try and glitterize the world one creation at a time. My most popular items I make are my wreaths. Let me show you a few and then, I will show you how to make your very own Art Caddy with the awesome deal on back to school supplies.




 It’s back to school time, although we have been back to school since August 1. We are transitioning to a balanced calendar and right now, I am not liking it and neither is my kiddo. Although, my kiddo sure is LOVING the art caddy I made him. I got this idea from a blog I love: I Heart Organizing. Here is her Art Caddy:


 Now let me show you mine. I got a much better deal at Wal-Mart with their back to school supplies sale. Instead of a utensil caddy I found the shower caddy to work really well, actually perfect for my two boys. Lets take a look:

 This is the side I made for my oldest son. I used vinyl to label his side of the art bucket. I actually like keeping the supplies in their respective boxes. Let me show you the other side:

 My two boys have their very own art supplies that they don’t have to fight over! How cool is that? I used the center of the caddy as a “community” where these supplies are shared. Let me show you the view from the top:

 You are probably wondering how much I paid for all these brand new supplies? You won’t believe it!!!

 Yep, that’s right! $27.45 for all of this including the shower caddy!!!!

 What a perfect way to create an art caddy that has a handle to boot! Easy portability too! I also scored a ream of paper so they could start creating right away. I hope you enjoyed my Art Caddy. What would you use a shower caddy? 

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Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness with us, Debbie!  


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