Part 2: Back to School…Get Yourself Organized!

Ok, so you have bought all of your school supplies, written the kid’s schedules on your calendar, checked the school websites for any upcoming activities, and gotten yourself organized.  So, now what?  Time to prepare for the dreaded first day of school!
Most of us are ready for the kids to return to school, but dread the first day and the breakdown it brings.  The kids have gotten used to sleeping in, eating at their own pace, and getting dressed whenever they get around to it.  The first day of school can send them into complete breakdown mode.  So, what can we do to make it a little easier for ourselves and them?  Get yourself a schedule, and make it a habit!  Being the organized freak attack that I am, this is a must for our family.  This is how we do it…
Backpack, lunchbox, shoes, and clothes for school.
1.  Two weeks before school starts, move bedtime up a bit.  (Kate’s school bed time is 8:30, so we are putting her to bed at 9:30)
2.  One week before school starts, try to put the kids to bed at their normal bed time and get them up at the time they would normally get up for school.  (Not an easy step, because it means you have to get up too:(
3.  Write down all of the things that have to be done and make a minute by minute schedule for them.  This may sound a little extreme, but I promise you, it will make your mornings so much easier!  See our schedule below.
4.  Make a place where you keep everything for school.  Ours is on a bench right beside our front door.  We keep backpacks, jackets, and shoes there.  I also place Kate’s outfit for the day and her lunch box on the bench.  This way, nothing is forgotten on the way out the door.   
5.  Pick outfits and pack lunches the night before.  This will keep you from having arguments about what to wear and what’s for lunch in the mornings.  
6.  Make a rule about morning behavior, and set consequences for bad behavior.  Starting your day out in a bad way is never good for anyone.  It leaves parents feeling upset all day, and it just sets a mood for the entire day.  The rules for mornings in our house are, no yelling, be nice, and if you are really tired and grumpy, try to take a moment for yourself and calm down.  Don’t ruin everyone else’s day!
Kate’s Morning Schedule

6:40    Wake up, have a cup of milk while watching t.v.
(this gives her time to wake up gradually)

6:55     Eat breakfast.

7:05     Floss and brush teeth.

7:10     Get dressed and fix hair.

7:15     Put shoes on.  

7:20     Out the door.

Cam’s Schedule

7:45     Wake-up and hit the showers.

7:55     Dry his hair, get dressed.

8:05     Eat breakfast.

8:15     Floss and brush teeth.

8:25     Put shoes on.

8:30     Out the door.

Just give it a try, and I promise it will make a difference.  While your schedule may need a little tweaking, just having one in place will help everybody get out the door with less fighting and whining.  We have done this since Cam started kindergarten, and he is now entering the 8th grade.  Every morning is not perfect, but most mornings are good, which makes for a happy momma.  If momma’s happy, then everybody else is too!

Due to having some of my content and posts stolen by no good lazy people who don’t do their own projects, I am sorry to have to truncate (shorten) my feeds. Please don’t hold it against me, and continue reading, because I do love you and want to share my tutorials with you ;)





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