Painted Desk Top

Two weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk, trying to find some kind of crafty inspiration, and I was drawing a blank.  I happened to look down at my desk, and all I saw was little kitty paw prints all over.  To some people, this may be cute…it drives me a little crazy.  So I’m sitting there stumped.  I look up at my new lime green curtains, and it comes to me…paint your desk top!  I have seen it done many times on other blogs, but never really thought about painting mine until right then.
This is my desk before.  Not ugly, but a little dark for my taste.  You can’t see the little paw prints, but trust me…they are there.
I started by priming the top.  This is a must with such a dark and smooth surface.  I actually painted on two coats of primer.
Next, I measured out the stripes…mine are 6 1/2 inches each.  I put down some painter’s tape, and painted on the green stripes.  I didn’t bother with white paint, because I am sealing the desk top, and the primer looked fine.
See…such a huge difference!
So, here is how I sealed the top of my desk…Mod Podge!
I painted 2 coats of Mod Podge all over the top of my desk.  I wanted to protect the paint from all of my crazy crafting.  With the layer of Mod Podge, I can easily wipe my desk off with a damp paper towel anytime I get something on it…plus, you can’t see little paw prints!
Just having the bright stripes on my desk top fills me with inspiration!
Painting the top of my desk also inspired me to Spring up the rest of my craft space…you can see that post here!



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