Open Cabinets With White, Aqua, Lime Green, & Silver Accents

Lately I have been admiring the open shelving that I have seen in different kitchens.  I just didn’t think it would work in mine.  Well, Friday I found myself in a mood, and when I get in a mood, the only thing that calms my nerves is some kind of project.  I was had shown Matt the picture of Home Stories A to Z’s gorgeous open cabinet display, and told him I wanted something similar.  He said, “Go for it!”  So, I did.
I started with just one…the one on the right.  I took the cabinet doors off and sealed the holes with wood filler, then I took the shelving out.  I decided to paint the shelves white and the background aqua.
I already had a sample from Lowe’s, which was more than enough paint.  It took two coats on each the shelves and the inside of the cabinet.   I am extremely impatient, so I dried each with a hairdryer in between coats to speed up the process.
As soon as they were dry enough, I popped the shelves back in and started dressing them up.  I wanted beachy tones…white, aqua, silver and light lime green.  So, I started poking around the house trying to find things that would fit my scheme.
By Saturday morning, I was itching to open the cabinet that was on the other side of the sink.  The only problem was my dishes.  I have been living with a mish mash of red dishes for the past few years, and they just wouldn’t do.  I finally had an excuse to buy new white dishes!  Let me say now, I don’t just wake up and decide to buy dishes…this is something we have been talking about for a while…or something I have been complaining about for a while.  I scouted out a few stores, and found nothing I liked.  A friend had told me that she saw some cute white iron stone-like dishes at Walmart, so in a last ditch effort, I tried there.  You know what?  They had just what I was looking for!  I was a little shocked.  I bought two sets of 16 for $50.  Then we made a trip to Lowe’s where I spent another $3 on another paint sample to paint the left cabinet.
Chalkboard Menu
I feel like my chalkboard menu stands out a little more now!
I love the way they turned out, and opening up those two cabinets gave our kitchen an entirely new look.  It doesn’t hurt that including dishes it only cost $53 for the update!
Next week, I am painting the countertops to finish it off, and I cannot wait!
I feel like it is all finally coming together!
It feels like it was only yesterday that I revealed my White Painted Kitchen Cabinets.
There is a new update to be seen!  I just painted my countertops…yep, you read right…my countertops have been painted to look like granite.
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