My Carpet Nightmare…

This post is sponsored by Mohawk.  This is my story, and a great way to turn a nightmare into a happy ending!

Do you have a carpet nightmare story?  I sure do…

I have kids.  Two of them to be exact.  Somehow on the weekends and during school breaks, they multiply.  Our home seems to be the main hub for all children ages nine through fifteen.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that they want to be here, but they have left my carpet looking way less than stellar.  In fact, our carpet is horrific.  We jumped on the berber carpet train years ago, because we were told that it didn’t stain as easily, was easy to clean, and extremely durable.  We could not have been more wrong.  There was nothing stain resistant about the carpet that we bought…nothing.

We lived in carpet jail.  We had pieces of furniture and rugs strategically placed over the really bad stains, and we had just learned to live with the others.

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