Mother’s Day Frame with Homemade Enamel Dots + Free Printable

Hey ya’ll! It’s Pauline from Club Chica Circle, and I’m sharing a fun homemade gift idea for one of my favorite holidays—Mother’s Day!

Home is where your MOM is!

Mother's Day Frame Gift and craft idea

Isn’t that SO true?

This is a great craft and homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day that is coming up in May. Plus, I’m showing you a little crafty trick – how to make colored enamel dots with your glue gun!Mother's Day Glue Gun Dot Frame Supplies

Yep, normally when I craft, I would say you DON’T want to see your glue spots from your glue gun. But in this crafty technique, you absolutely DO!

I got the inspiration from this crafty Argentinian blogger Agus Yornet. She couldn’t find enamel dots in her country, so she made some herself!

I used these supplies to make my own enamel dots:

  • Glue gun
  • Glass jar
  • Nail polish (various colors)

And I used a pretty decorative wood frame that I found at Michaels for my Mother’s Day canvas to put these colorful dots on, along with decoupage (I used Americana Satin Decou-Page) and a sponge brush.

How to Make Homemade Enamel Dots with your Glue Gun and Nail Polish

The trick is to squirt small pea-sized dots onto a surface that the glue dots will easily pop off of. I used the bottom of a glass jar and let them cool before popping them off. You could also use a glass or ceramic tile.

homemade enamel dots using a glue gun

To make big batches of dots I filled the bottom of a glass jar with dots and pulled them off when cool. I also pulled off any extra glue strands.

Then I painted the back of each glue gun dot with nail polish and let them dry.

To attach them to my frame, I applied a generous coat of decoupage on top of my wood frame and positioned the homemade enamel dots on top.

Then once my my frame was dry (about an hour), it was time to add the perfect Mother’s Day touch and add a pretty printable inside.

To complete my Mother’s Day Gift frame I used:

  • “Home is Where Your Mom is” FREE printable (I made the printable suitable for a 4″ x 6″ frame window)
  • Self-adhesive foam sheet (cut to size just smaller than my wood frame)
  • Decorate ribbon
  • Transparent tape
  • X-ACTO knife (to cut the printable and the foam sheet out to size)

Mother's Day Homemade Frame Craft with painted glue gun dots

I basically sandwiched the printable and ribbon in between the wood back and the self-adhesive foam sheet. I first used a couple pieces of transparent tape to hold the printable in place, and then placed two strips of ribbon (about 18″ long each) next to the outer edges, and secured the whole thing down with the sticky part of the self-adhesive foam.

I chose to use the natural wood color and loads of homemade colored glue gun dots on my first frame, but wanted to add a little color to a second one.

I spray painted another wood window frame blue, and just added a little extra details with the homemade enamel dots.

Homemade Mother's Day Frame and Gift DIY

I also created a Home is Where Your Mom is with flower design FREE printable for the second one. I went fancier on the printable design, and more subtle on the glue gun dot frame decorations.

I love how the painted glue gun dots just add that extra little special something!

Mother's Day Frame Gift Idea with painted glue gun dots

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I look forward to seeing you all next month!

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Happy Crafting!



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