Monogrammed Beach Tote

Hey everyone! It’s Chelsea from Making Home Base! I’m back again with another awesome craft!

Mother’s Day is less than a week away so I thought it would be nice to share a quick tutorial for a gift for mom that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Monogram Beach Tote Making Home Base

How about a monogram tote? This bag is the perfect replacement to the normal gift bag. It’s personalized, cute, and for $2 it is comparable in price to the paper gift bag.

Monogram Tote Tutorial

Okay! For supplies you’ll:

A canvas tote (I picked mine up from Joann’s using a 40% coupon making it $2)


A pencil

A monogram stencil (I made mine using the Silhouette Cameo)

Fabric Scrap

Fusible Webbing (Steam-A-Steam2)


DIY Monogram Tote Tutorial

First, you need to trace the monogram in reverse onto the paper liner of your fusible webbing. You want to trace on the side that stays with the webbing.

Peel off the liner and stick the wrong side of your fabric to the web.

Cut out your monogram. After cutting you can remove the tracing liner.

Mothers Day Monogram Tote

Position your monogram on your bag. Once it’s positioned where you want it, remove the liner and press lightly to allow the webbing to stick to the bag.

Press with a hot iron. The Steam-A-Seam directions recommend to press for 10-20 seconds on the cotton setting.

Then I ran the iron all over my bag to get all of the wrinkles out.
monogram beach tote

Next, you can run a quick stitch around the monogram to make sure it stays on securely. This is optional but since I anticipate this bag getting a lot of use I want it to stay put!

Monogram Tote

Lastly, I added a few fabric rosettes for embellishment! That’s completely optional :)

Monogram Beach Tote Tutorial

I made this bag for my wonderful mom. She’s a teacher and is always carrying around tons of papers to grade, among other things. She never seems to have a big enough bag. This one will be great for her! And it’s so versatile she can use it for anything; the beach, school, or carrying as an everyday bag. I know she’s going to love it!

What do you think? Will you forgo the normal paper gift bag and try one of these as an alternative? I hope so, your mom will appreciate it!

Thanks so much for having me Jess, and Happy Mother’s Day!

I’d love to connect with you! You can find me on my blog as well as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

Okay…loving the beach tote!  I am going to have to make one for myself now!

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Thanks so much for sharing with us, Chelsea!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


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  1. says

    Super cute bag Chelsea! I’m stuck in the Midwest…no beach in sight but I am thinking this will be perfect for my pool bag! Thanks for the great tutorial! xoxo

  2. Barbara says

    Chelsea you’re so talented! I adore this tote for Mom’s day and Teacher Appreciation (your mom!) as well! Thanks for having her here Jess!!

  3. says

    Chelsea is so creative! Cute bag…so much better than those paper gift bags. Looks like it would make a nice little gift all by itself. So nice to see Chelsea here on Mom4Real! Have a great weekend, ladies!

  4. says

    Love this monogrammed tote! Perfect for beach and summer activities. Thanks Chelsea and Jessica!! xoxo

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