Metal E A T Sign

I shared this at Mindy Mae’s Market Blog last month, and thought I would share it here, just in case you missed it…

I have been looking for just the right material to make an EAT sign for my kitchen for ages!  I made one out of vinyl, but I just didn’t love it.  I’ve scoped out wooden letters at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, but they didn’t do it for me either.  So, one day, I’m cruising through my facebook stream, and up pops these fabulous metal letters from Mindy Mae’s Market…they were perfect!  I ordered them quickly, and was so excited to finally have the perfect letters to start my dining area makeover!

Aren’t they fabulous?  The picture doesn’t do them justice either.

The minute I put them up, I knew I wanted to redo the entire look of my space.  I grabbed some of my shells from last years trip to the beach, pulled my silver pieces out of storage, painted some plates with chalkboard paint to hang, and made a coffee filter wreath to hang on the wall.  The colors are so soft, and the EAT sign really pops off of the wall!

I put this little vignette together in the center of our table.  I painted the inside of a mason jar and plopped some flowers down in there…adorbs, right?

The last thing I did was tackle the top of my china cabinet.  I filled a large candle holder with wine corks, then cut some roses from my garden and put them in a julep cup.  I placed my silver platter and pitcher together, then added the K glasses that I etched, and added some candle sticks.  I just love the way it all fits together!

I love how crisp everything looks now…just in time for lighter summer living!

Doesn’t my little EAT sign make you want your very own?


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