Make Your Own Wristlet Key Fob

 I don’t know about you, but I almost completely ditch my purse in the Summer.  Whether I am running to the grocery store or heading out to the pool or lake, I always need my keys, but not necessarily my purse, so I usually just grab my keys and run.  The only problem was, I kept laying my keys down and losing them.  So, I decided to make myself a Wristlet Keychain or as they are formally called, key fobs…whatever!

These are so easy to make!  You just need a few supplies:

12 inches of Cotton Webbing

12 inches of Ribbon

Key Fob Hardware

Key Ring


Sewing Machine or Glue Gun

Start by lining up the ribbon on the webbing, then sew a line down each side of the ribbon.

Then hold the two ends together.
Insert the unfinished end into the key fob hardware.
Hammer the key fob hardware shut over the ribbon/webbing.
Add the key ring and insert wrist!
You are ready to rock and roll…and hopefully not lose your keys!
What is your must have Summer accessory???



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