Glitter Filled Glass Ornaments {Tutorial}

I love Christmas!  I love it so much because it’s a time when I feel like my whole family can get together and get a little creative.  We make ornaments, bake cookies, decorate our tree, build snowmen, and celebrate together.  One of our favorite family traditions is ornament making, and our absolute favorite ones to make are these glitter in glass ornaments!  Once you master the art of making these, you can bling them out or dress them up in all sorts of ways!  So, today, I am kicking off the Christmas season with my favorite easy glitter in glass ornaments…


Floor Wax (I use Bona, but you can buy any brand)
Glass Ornaments with Removable Tops
Jar or Bucket
***Cover Your Work Area…The Wax Sticks To Furniture***
Grab one of your glass ornaments and take the little lid off.
Pour about a about 1 tbsp of wax into your ornament using your funnel.  Shake it around coating the inside of the ornament, then pour it all out into your jar or bucket.
Now, pour some glitter into your ornament using the other funnel…about 1/2 inch from the bottom.
Shake, shake, shake until the glitter coats the entire inner surface of your ornament.  Pour the excess glitter back into your glitter container…quite a bit will be left over and it should be fine to use again.
Put your cap back on.  How gorgeous is that???
Make a zillion of them and hang them everywhere!
Would you rather see the video version of this tutorial?  Just click on the arrow below to play!
Be gentle…it’s my first video :)
So…will you be making your own?

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Glitter In Glass Ornaments - No Mess Glitter on the Inside

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