Make Your Own Dry Erase Board

This is absolutely, hands down, the easiest project I have ever done!  I love making lists, so I always keep a dry erase board on my desk.  The only problem is, they aren’t very pretty.  So, I decided to give something a try.  I grabbed a few old picture frames that I had lying around, and made my own!

All you need is a picture frame, some scrapbooking paper, wallpaper, or fabric, and anything else you would like to use for embellishments.  I always have ribbon lying around, and Kate had these cute flowers that she uses to make Flower Hair Clips.  You just take the back out of the frame, place your paper and embellishments on the backing, just like you would put a photo in, and snap the back again.  You can hang it with ribbon, or just hang on a nail or hook!  Use dry erase markers to write messages or make lists.  Wipe clean with a paper towel or eraser!

I made this one to put out on my front porch…do you think the solicitors will actually read it?  Doubtful, but at least it’s cute!  These would be perfect for a teacher gift or as a gift for a little girl who likes to play school, and you can even change them out according to the season!

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    I just did this last week for a weekly menu for our family! Love that it’s SO easy and versatile!

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    I love crafting!!! You have such awesome ideas!!! I followed come follow me….

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    Love this idea! I’ll definitely have to make one. Just stopping by. Following you from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. Would love a follow back on my blog: Prowling Books In the Lair. Thanks!

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    This is such an awesome idea. So, the dry eraser works on normal paper? I’ve always thought that you need special paper to be able to erase.


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    This is such an awesome project. So you can erase the marker off of regular paper? I’ve always thought that you need a special board.


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    That is So incredibly Adorable and So Unique! I love it! I’ve been thinking I need to get a Dry Erase board, but haven’t wanted to spend the money! But I definitely have enough of those supplies laying around the house I could easily MAKE one! I LOVE IT and even Pinned it!

    visiting via the alexa hop! New GFC follower!

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    I just saw your post on PitterAndGlink, and had to come over to see your blog!! These are the cutest dry erase boards I’ve ever seen! So creative! I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! God bless you!!!

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    Just saw your post on the Pinkerific Party and wanted to visit your blog!! These are the cutest dry erase boards I have ever seen! Very creative! I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! God bless!

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    Love this easy idea and the cute boards you made. The colors are so bright and cheerful! I found your blog through tip junkie and I’m a new follower!

    Brie from

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    So cute! And easy too. Love it!!

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    What a great idea! You could totally give these as Christmas gifts for kids! I’ve even seen washable dry erase markers…just in case! Thanks for sharing this at my What’s In The Gunny Sack? link party!

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    This is GENIUS! What a great way to repurpose a picture frame – great job! I tweeted this and Facebooked it!

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