Make Your Own Chalkboard Vinyl and Labels {tutorial)

As many of you know, I have been a chalkboarding fool lately…so much that I am opening a booth at a little shop to display and sell some of my chalkboard creations!  Yesterday, I was waiting for one of my projects to dry, and thinking…what else?  I wish I had some of that awesome chalkboard vinyl so I could make some labels for my glass canisters.  Then I thought hmmm…I have chalkboard paint, and I have vinyl, and I have a Cricut machine…why not try to make my own, so I did!  I made a large one for my refrigerator…
Some oval labels for my glass canisters…
A label for my little tin bucket…
Can you tell that I go a little overboard with things?
Here is how I made mine:
Start out by  cutting out your desired shape using your Cricut or Silhouette (or whatever you have…even by hand w/ scissors)


Paint three coats of chalk paint over the tops of the labels.
(Make sure they dry in between coats)


There you have it…your own chalkboard vinyl.  I wouldn’t recommend painting the vinyl before feeding it through your machine.  Use regular vinyl, then paint with chalkboard paint.
You can make any shape you want…and put them anywhere you like.  I am going to make a large one for Kate’s room…maybe in the shape of a flower!
These little labels on some clear glass canisters or mason jars would dress up any pantry or make a great hostess or housewarming gift!