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Make Wine Cork Coasters at mom4real.comI love any project or craft I can create using something I already have.  This may possibly be the easiest and cheapest thing I have ever created, and one of my favorites!  I made these Wine Cork Coasters using some old wine corks a piece of cork left over from my office, and hot glue.  Let me show you just how easy these are to make…

Use Wine Corks to Make CoastersI guess technically, the first step would be to drink some wine!  No problema!  Save your corks, because not only do I have this cork project, but a few more as well!

A fun way to use old wine corksGather four wine corks and cut each of them right down the center using a sharp knife.  I don’t recommend doing this after drinking wine, of course!

Cut wine corks in half to make coastersYou should then have 8 wine cork halves.

Use wine corks and rolled cork to make coastersLay them out in a pattern on the corner of a cork piece.  I used this left over piece of cork roll from my office, but you could totally use a piece of felt.  Just keep in mind that you want to use something durable enough to hold the corks, but soft enough that it won’t scratch your tables.

Super easy tutorial for making coasters with wine corksCut a square from the cork and hot glue each 1/2 wine cork onto the cork flat end down.

Make Wine Cork CoastersBe sure to press them down well so they adhere to the piece of cork.

Wine Cork CoasterThat’s it!  You now have a super fun homemade coaster!  You could totally group four of these together and tie them with ribbon for a nice gift!

Tutorial - Make a Wine Cork CoasterI think it’s so much more fun than a lame old store bought coaster, and the corks keep liquid from pooling on your table!

So…do you have any leftover wine corks?

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