How To Make Stacked Christmas Tree Topiaries

Silver Christmas Tree TopiariesHave I told you about my slight obsession with silver this year?  I am just in love with the combination of silver and white this year…I guess I truly am dreaming of a white Christmas…with a touch of silver (winks)!  I have had these stacked cone Christmas tree topiaries in my head for a while, but didn’t know how I could make my own.  Well, one day while chatting with a friend, I was staring down my stack of paper mache’ cones that I picked up from Michaels and it hit me!  Today, I want to share this simple trick with you…

Christmas Tree Topiary SuppliesStart with chrome spray paint, 3 different sized paper mache’ cones, two wooden beads and one wooden dowel.

Spray Paint Paper Mache Cones Silver to Make Stacked Christmas Tree TopiariesYou’ll need to find a well ventilated area to spay your cones.  I sprayed mine in the garage in a cardboard box.  Just be sure to hold the can back about 10 inches from the cones so you get an even coat. Silver Painted Cone Christmas TreeLet dry thoroughly…they should look like this…all shiny!

Place a wood bead on top of a paper mache cone to make them into topiariesNow..for the little tip/trick…place one of the wooden beads on the top of the largest cone…

Stacked Christmas TreesPlace the medium cone right over that bead, then place the other bead on top of the medium cone’s tip…

Beautiful Silver Stacked Christmas Trees from Paper Mache ConesNow place the smallest cone on top of the bead and tada!  You have a stacked cone Christmas tree!  You can totally stop there, because they are super cute already, but if you wanna kick it up just a notch and turn them into topiaries, continue reading…

Use a styrofoam block for stability when making a topiaryTake a styrofoam block and place it in a tin or pot. You can cut the styrofoam to fit whatever vessel you are using.  I placed my block in already and sprinkled some glittery stuff on top to hide the styrofoam.

Making Christmas Tree TopiariesThen, poke your dowel right down into the stryrofoam so it stands upright.  I forgot to mention that I also sprayed the dowel with the chrome spray paint.

How to make stacked cone trees into Christmas topiariesNow, place your stacked cones on top of the dowel.  I did place a ball of tissue paper up into the bottom cone for stabilization…you could use a paper towel for this step as well.

Super Easy Stacked Christmas Tree TopiariesAnd there you have it!  Stacked Christmas Tree Topiaries!  The perfect touch for a pretty tablesetting!

White and Silver Santa SledMine will be making their way to my mantel when I get started decorating the living room, or maybe I’ll just leave them and make a couple more!   You can find all of the supplies for these projects at Michaels Craft Stores!

DIY Them - Stacked Christmas Tree Topiaries at mom4real.comBe sure to pin this project so you can make your own or share with friends!

For more fun Christmas ideas, click the photo below…

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Happy Holidays!

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