Make Your Own Reusable & Personalized Birthday Chalkboard

Make Your Own Personalized Reusable Birthday Chalkboard

Hi, friends!  I am so excited to be participating in my friend Amber from Crazy Little Projects’ Birthday Bash today!

It’s almost time for Kate’s birthday, which means there will be tons of celebrating going on here!  I have always wanted to have something that we can hang and change out for each family member’s birthday, so I decided to make a Reusable and Personalized Birthday Chalkboard since we have a slew of birthdays coming up!  This is such an easy project and it can be used over and over again!

Make a reusable chalkboard - supplies

I started with a lazer cut picture frame/plaque from Michael’s ($3), some spray paint I already had on hand, some peal and stick chalkboard vinyl, chalk and I also used a printer for the lettering, but that is not necessary.

Chalkboard Lettering - So Easy

I spray painted the plaque, then cut a piece of chalkboard vinyl to the size I wanted and smoothed it onto the plaque.  Next, I printed out what I wanted the chalkboard to say.  I thought I would include the method I use for pretty chalkboard lettering just in case you are not the best chalkboard writer, like me ;)

How to draw perfect letters on a chalkboard

Once your text is printed, simply flip the paper over and trace the letters with chalk.

Perfect Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial

Now, flip the paper over and smooth it out with your hand.  This will transfer the chalk onto the chalkboard.

The trick to drawing on a chalkboard

See…it leaves a really light impression of what you printed  onto the chalkboard.

How to letter a chalkboard

 Now take a chalkboard pen or just wet your regular chalk a little and trace the letters!

Make a birthday chalkboard with a photo clip

I decided to add a clip to my chalkboard as well so we could display the birthday boy or girl’s picture!

Birthday Chalkboard with Photo Clip for Personalization

Just add a photo and you are all finished!  How fun is that?  This would also make a great birthday gift.  The chalkboard can be used for any holiday!


Today, Amber is sharing the cutest Printable Birthday Bingo Cards ever, be sure to go print out your own! She has brought together some amazing bloggers who are sharing their birhtday projects and ideas all week long!  That’s not all…there will be some amazing giveaways as well…today’s giveaway is from Jo Totes!  Be sure to stop by Crazy Little Projects to celebrate her second bloggy birthday with us!!


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