Little Benny…Wordless Wednesday

We lost our sweet Benny last week, so I thought it only appropriate to honor him this Wordless Wednesday.
Due to having some of my content and posts stolen by no good lazy people who don’t do their own projects, I am sorry to have to truncate (shorten) my feeds. Please don’t hold it against me, and continue reading, because I do love you and want to share my tutorials with you ;)





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  1. says

    What a pretty dog! LAAASIIIIIIIE! =) sorry, had to!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. says

    oh, sorry about your loss! such a beautiful dog!

    than you for stopping at my blog, I am your new follower now :)

  3. says

    So sorry about your loss…he looks like such a loyal friend!

    New follower!


  4. says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. says

    Hi I’m a new follower – thanks for Linking up at Whatever Wednesday!! :o)

    I’m sorry for your loss. The first word that popped in my mind when I saw that picture was ‘dashing’.


    [Deleted the first comment bc of a typo]

  6. says

    So sorry for you loss. He was a beautiful dog and losing a pet is so hard. When we lost our lab, who was 16 yrs. old, my son was 6 and told me not to cry and said “It’s okay Mom, all dogs go to heaven.”

  7. says

    So sorry about your loss. He was so pretty.

  8. says

    Hopping around from the COJ hop (already a follower). I’m sorry to learn of your loss.

  9. says

    I’m sorry for the loss of Benny, our pets are part of our family for sure! hugs!

    stopping by from the alexa hop! come on by and say hello!

  10. says

    He looks like he was a wonderful friends.

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