Kitchen Sink Organization…Inspired by BHG!

I was cruising through my latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, and found this picture of one of the most organized kitchen sink cabinets I have ever seen.  It totally inspired me to organize mine!
This is soooo embarrassing, but whateva!  This is what my sink looked like before…
(Please excuse the ridiculous amount of dish towels)
And, this is the after…
I went a little crazy and decoupaged my trash can, then I painted the inside of one of the doors with chalkboard paint…do you think my fam will actually follow the directions that I have given them?  They haven’t so far, but at least it’s cute!
I added a little set of drawers to keep scrubbies and screwdrivers.  I already had the lidded jar, but had never thought to keep my dish detergent in one.  I also included a small plastic tote just to corral spray bottles.  You can barely see it, but I also hung a small hook for my duster on the top left side of the cabinet.
I hung this little organizer with two 3m hooks to keep my scrubber and magic eraser handy.
Now, I don’t cringe every time someone asks where the trash is, and it is so much easier to find what I am looking for.  I just have to keep myself from throwing my dish towels under sink like it’s the laundry room or something.   And, maybe, just maybe if I offer a reward for taking out the trash, somebody else will do it…yeah, right!



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