Kentucky Silhouette Pillow ~ Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!

State Silhouette Pillow KY

I love anything that I can decorate my home with that represents the state I live in.  I have stenciled a pillow before with the silhouette of Kentucky on it, but now thanks to Silhouette’s fabric interfacing and fabric blade, I can make pillows whenever I please with fabric!  You don’t know how much this means to me…I love making my own pillows!  I decided to start with a silhouette of Kentucky just to see how it would work, and it turned out perfectly!   Our little turquoise desk now has it’s own little pillow!

Silhouette Supplies for Pillow

To make your own, you will need fabric, heat transfer fabric interfacing, and a Silhouette with a fabric blade.

State Silhouette Pillow Iron

You will need to cut your fabric and interfacing to the size you need depending on how large your image will be.

Iron the fabric onto the tacky side of the interfacing.

State Silhouette Pillow Kentucky

Smooth your interfacing with fabric onto your Silhouette mat and insert it into the machine.

Choose your image and program your Silhouette to do the cutting.

State Silhouette Pillow Iron on

Once your image is cut, iron it on to your pillow fabric.

Now, sew a pillow in your preferred method, and you’ve got it!

Kentucky Silhouette Pillow

Now isn’t this the cutest little pillow you’ve ever seen?  If you don’t prefer KY, just pretend it’s Georgia, or California, or heck, even Hawaii!

Now to the even better part…you can buy these Silhouette Supplies along with a Silhouette in a bundle at a huge discount….ORRRRR…you could win your very own Silhouette Portrait!!!

Fabric Bundle for $29.99 inludes:

1 Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing

1 Sewable Fabric Interfacing

1 Fabric Blade

1 $25 Download Card

1 Silhouette Portrait™

 The Silhouette Portrait Bundle for $129.99 includes:

1 Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing

1 Sewable Fabric Interfacing

1 Fabric Blade

1 12”x24” Cutting Mat

1 Silhouette CAMEO®

 The Silhoutte Cameo Bundle for $269.99 includes:

1 Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing

1 Sewable Fabric Interfacing

1 Fabric Blade

1 $25 Download Card

You can shop using this link right here: and remember to enter code 4REAL  at checkout!

Now onto the Giveaway! ONE lucky person will win a Silhouette Portrait of their very own! Woo Hoo! Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win! Giveaway valued at $269.99 and is open to US residents only. By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to my official giveaway rules.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. 2

    Karen J says

    There are so many thing I would use it for I don’t know where to begin; pillows, stencils, cards and the list goes on!

  2. 3


    I love this so much. I am now thinking I could make a KY pillow and a NY pillow for my husband. I have this amazing machine so if I won I would pass it on to my mom. I have been cutting out things for her and I know she would be busy making things if she had her own. Fingers crossed

  3. 4

    Heather says

    I would make either a bag for my boys library books or a cool t-shirt!

  4. 6

    Erin says

    I just moved home from college, so I’ve been updating my room from a high schooler’s room to a post-college graduate’s room. I would make a pillow that matches my new, more sophisticated room!

  5. 7

    Nidhi says

    Great Giveaway! Would make Family Rules Subway Art & cute pillow covers. Thank You

  6. 9


    Such a cute project, Jessica. Of course, I think it would be even cuter as North Carolina! I’ve cut fabric with my regular Silhouette blade but would love to try the special fabric blade.

    Oh the possibilities.

  7. 10


    Beautiful pillow! I love the fabric you chose for the state! I would love to make vinyl labels for everything I have organized!

  8. 11

    Eve Thomas says

    I would make some decorative pillows

  9. 12

    Arielle says

    Oh my goodness, I would make everything!! I’ve been pinning a LOT of those wooden signs with songs and verses on them, and I would love to be able to make some as a gift!!! Here’s hoping!

  10. 13


    I would love a silhouette. I want to cut paper for card making and fabrics to make pretty applique pieces for quilts and things. I just think the silhouette is so amazing ^_^ Thanks for the chance <3

  11. 14

    Brenda :D says

    I think it would be especially lovely to make comfort pillows for my fellow Okies. :)

  12. 15

    Karen Watkins says

    I would love to make canvas prints using inspirational words/Bible Scripture. I also have a daughter getting married later this year and it would be fun to make some wedding decor with a Silhouette!

  13. 16

    Kristen says

    I’d love to make some super cute pillows and also some stencils!

  14. 17


    I’d like to try some of the glass etching to make labels for my glass jars.

  15. 19

    Jennifer says

    I would make a New York wall art!

  16. 20

    Shannon says

    This looks like so much fun!

  17. 21


    I’d start with a vinyl monogram for our door! Then I’d try fabric for pillows, etc! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  18. 22


    Thank you so much for the giveaways it would be so awesome to win

  19. 23

    lesley says

    i have been wanting to make some prettier cards than i am able to do by hand. but i really want something to help me cut fabric pieces as i would like to try my hand at quilting.

  20. 24

    Cayla F. says

    There is so much I would do! Cards, t-shirts, pillows, etc…your only limitation is yourself!

  21. 25

    Amy says

    There are so many things I would make…I love decals and we are painting the whole house in the fall so I would love to win this to redo my walls…

  22. 26

    Cari Rogers says

    There are so many projects I could use this for! Would LOVE to win one :)

  23. 27

    Monika says

    Oh my gosh. Ever since one of my dearest friends got a Silhouette and I started seeing the stuff she could make with it, I’ve been drooling over getting one. (Someday when I win the lottery, I’m going to have a HUGE crafting budget!) This would make my year to win this thing!

  24. 29

    Michelle Bowers says

    Oh my Gosh I’d make all kinds of things..pillows, shirts, wall art… the list goes on and on!

  25. 30

    Mari Brown says

    I can think of a million and one things I could make with one of these! Would love to win it!

  26. 31

    Adrea Tidwell says

    I am very new to this, but thanks for the awesome giveaway. Would love to make anything with a Texas stencil on it, a pillow, t-shirt, the list can go on and on!

  27. 32

    Ashley says

    Wall Art! Would love to play with the vinyls and decorate my home!

  28. 33

    Andrea M says

    I’d finally the birthday ‘sign’ that’s been on my to-do list for over a year!

  29. 34

    Sara S says

    I would make all kinds of stuff!!!! I need some new throw pillows for the couch, personalized gifts, wall art…I could go on and on!!!

  30. 35

    Teri says

    I love anything with a state on it also. My in-laws have lived in 4 states and I’ve given them artwork that represents 2 of the 4 states. Working on the last two now. I think a pillow would be a lovely change of pace.

  31. 37

    Cheyenne Clark says

    This would be so much fun to have! I would love to decorate my Little Girls room and the rest of my house with it

  32. 38

    Cyndi Stephenson says

    This would be a crafting dream come true if I were to win this AWESOME die cutting machine. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  33. 39

    Rebecca C says

    I would make cupcake wraps for a wedding cupcake tower I am making!

  34. 40


    i do many, many signs (all different styles) and the silhouette would come in so handy for me to create the wording! i’ve tried many times to win one! hoping this is the winning contest for me!!! thank you for hosting this! i love your blog! receive a lot of great ideas from you!

  35. 41

    Melissa Lynch says

    I love the idea of a state pillow and I’ve got the perfect orange and white fabric fot TN!

  36. 42


    I have been wanting a Silhouette, but since I own a Cricut I didn’t feel I could justify buying a Silhouette. I love that you can cut fabric. This would come in vary handy. I would probably make coats for my dogs!

  37. 43

    Lindsay Fekitoa says

    I’d appliqué everything!

  38. 44

    Angela Yeremenko says

    I would love to make some vinyl wall art.

  39. 45

    Melissa M. says

    Love that it cuts fabric! I would cut some stuff for quilts.

  40. 46

    kristi g says

    I would start with pallet art and go on from there!

  41. 47


    I think I would make something for my baby’s room, maybe start out with a blanket or pillow using his name.

  42. 48

    Jessica says

    I would love to make so MANY things! Cards, gift tags, vinyl creations! The possibilities are endless!!

  43. 49

    Hayden says

    If I won the Silhouette I would be SOOO happy! I have been wanting one forever! I would make a lot of projects and I love the pillow idea that you have posted.

  44. 51

    Clarissa Ragar says

    I would first make something to put up on my wall! Maybe like a quote or something!

  45. 52

    Cora Dahmus says

    What wouldn’t I make??? Definitely start with pillows though! Thanks for the chance!

  46. 54

    dj says

    Oh, how I would LOVE to have a Silhouette.

  47. 55

    Alissa says

    All sorts of onesies and t-shirts for my little guy!

  48. 56

    Becca says

    My kids need some fun shirts. I’d love to make them some!

  49. 57

    Sarah says

    I am a huge scrapbook nerd, and it would probably be something for one of the kids’ baby books. :)

  50. 58

    dj says

    I would make several things, but mostly want to use it to do reverse stenciling.

  51. 59

    Angie Conenr says

    Oh my! I think I would be making anything and everything possible.

  52. 60

    Jeanne J says

    I’d love to try to cut fabric to make some tshirts for my brother-in-law’s soon to be arriving baby.

  53. 61

    Darcie Wiley says

    I would use it for gifts and home décor, like another poster said the list could go on and on!

  54. 62

    Rose Schneider says

    I have a Cricut but desperately need a Cameo. I want to use it for fabric and rhinestones.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a cool machine.

  55. 63

    Brittany K. says

    I’d love to make cute holiday shirts for my kids, and I want to experiment with vinyl!!

  56. 64

    Abby W says

    I would make a bunch a crafts for the kids and decor around the home!

  57. 66

    Shannon says

    I’d make some vinyl wall art.

  58. 67


    OOHHH how exciting! Thank you for the opportunity of perhaps winning this little beauty!! This is awesome.. So many ideas come to mind right now.

  59. 68

    Kris Reynolds says

    Oh gracious! How do I choose just ONE thing I would like to make? I guess if I HAD to choose, it would be a piece of subway art for my family room.

  60. 69

    Porsche says

    I would make a ton of things! Die cuts, fabric cuts. glass etching. I think I would do some applique t-shirts for my girls. That would be cute!

  61. 70

    Heather S says

    Pillows or maybe tote bags!! I have so many ideas and the possibilities are endless

  62. 71

    Amy S says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!! I have been drooling and dreaming about a silhouette for awhile now!!!

  63. 72

    Jill L says

    I would love to make a flower tshirt for my daughter.

  64. 73


    Would love to win this!! I have a ton of projects pinned that would be perfect for the Silhouette! ;-)

  65. 74

    Jeri Ann Guth says

    Wow! Pillows – just like the one you may. Fir starters, that is!

  66. 75

    crystal moyer says

    I would make alot of appliqued shirts and stuff for my kids!

  67. 76

    AdamB says

    I don’t know what I would use it for — but I bet my wife would love it! Hope I win!

  68. 77

    laura says

    I’d sooo love to win to make tshirts for my boys.

  69. 79

    Heather LoSchiavo says

    Thanks for the giveaway, SOOO many cool crafts i’ve pinned that I’d love to use this for!

  70. 80

    Tanya P. says

    I’m thinking either a tote with an applique or t-shirt! :)

  71. 81

    Helen B. says

    I would make some cute t-shirts and some vinyl words, not to mention, lots of cards and gifts :)

  72. 82

    Melinda T says

    I’d make tees for my two girls!

  73. 83

    Vanessa Moore says

    This would help me make some inexpensive wall art for my bedroom, which currently has none

  74. 84

    twelve30 says

    Oh—holiday tee shirts for the kids! Thanks for the giveaway. twelve30(at)gmail(dot)com

  75. 85

    Colleen Boudreau says

    I would make appliques for t shirts!

  76. 86

    Sharon says

    I love the pillow idea! The possibilities are endless!

  77. 88


    I would love to make some vinyl wall art and some applique tshirts.

  78. 89

    Sonia says

    I would make etched glass gift items

  79. 90

    Rachel says

    Hmmm, so many things I would want to make! I love that there is a “fabric” blade for the Sihouette. The electronic cutting machine I have now doesn’t always cut my fabric very well and I am limited to the cartridges sold for it!

  80. 92

    linda says

    to many things to make don’t even know where I would start

  81. 93

    Judith I says

    I would make so many different things, but I would start with shirts for my boys for the summer and shirts for the swim team coaches. Such a great giveaway. Thanks,

  82. 94


    So many projects, so little time. Not sure what I would do first.

  83. 95

    Sarah R says

    I would use it to embellish some handmade bags.

  84. 96

    Susan H. says

    I think I would like to make some jewelry or some fabric enhanced greeting cards. Thanks.

  85. 97

    Cyndi Johnson says

    Pillows, onsies, iron on decor… etc

  86. 98

    Jessica Hornibrook says

    decorations for the nursery – I’m having a girl!

  87. 99

    NikkiK says

    Even if they fall off, I’m going cross my fingers until this giveaway ends!

    • 100

      NikkiK says

      P.S. I’d make cookie stencils & have matching pillows!

  88. 101

    Lindsey Anderson says

    T shirts, pillow cases, everything!

  89. 102

    Becky Greene says

    I would make a pillow in honor of our last state (GA) and current state (PA). Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. 103

    Sharlene Piscitelli says

    I would use the Cameo for wall art, pillows, subway art etc.

  91. 104

    Johanna Richards says

    I would make cute shirts for my daughter

  92. 105

    Suzie says

    Everyone needs a Silhouette! The first things I would like to make are some tshirts.

  93. 106

    Libby says

    I would make some cute birthday decorations and scrapbook pages for my 3 adorable grandkids-

  94. 107

    adrianne miller says

    I’d love to win!

  95. 108

    Amber says

    I would love to make t-shirt transfers!

  96. 109

    Ellen says

    I’d love to make really cute purses for my kids with this!

  97. 110

    jenn howard says

    exciting giveaway!

  98. 111

    kellie rawlings says

    I would use mine to create my own label, one the kids will see as Hands off, That’s mums, and she’ll find out if we touch it.

  99. 113

    Emily T. says

    I want to make a HUGE canvas with the 25 last words each family member wrote to each other.

  100. 114

    Amy Snell says

    I would be doing a lot of Christmas in July crafting

  101. 116

    Kelsey m says

    I love this idea! I’d also love to fancy up some baby onesies for preggo friends:)

  102. 117

    Laura T says

    There are so many things I would love to make. I think I would make anything with fabric..

  103. 118

    RachelC says

    I’d make some subway art.

  104. 119

    SA Wills says

    I would love to make better cards with this…thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  105. 120

    lisa says

    I would make so many things I can not even list!! This has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I think first project would be some invitations for a friend’s little girls’ party.

  106. 122

    Theresa J says

    I would love to make some vinyl kitchen labels

  107. 123

    Lori Horn says

    There are soooo many fun projects I would love to try with a new Silhouette!!

  108. 125

    Kellie S. says

    The first thing I would cut would be vinyl to make some super cute canisters for my daughters kitchen in her new apartment.

  109. 126

    Laura says

    I would customize some awesome tote bags for our guests for our destination wedding!

  110. 127

    Cara says

    I have so many things on my “If I only had a Silhouette” list….but I think I would start with 4th of July shirts for the family.

  111. 128

    Sarah Hull says

    I would make some onesies for my son! I would definitely put a mustache on one :)

  112. 129

    Chastity says

    I would make t-shirts with my daughter this summer.

  113. 130

    smitha says

    there are just so many projects i wanna do with a silhouette/… it wud b a dream come true to win one

  114. 131

    Stephanie says

    I would love to win this!!!

  115. 133


    I really want to cut out some fabric diver silhouettes to make a custom t-shirt for my husband. Thanks so much for sharing this great giveaway – I REALLY want to win!

  116. 134

    aeti says

    Sometimes somethings become so essential that it takes time to hit you. Silhouette is one such product, it could simplify my life as a crafter. A quite book and baby’s playroom decor are top of my to do list.

  117. 135

    cindi says

    I’ve really been wanting to try applique and stencils

  118. 137

    Aimee Kusina says

    I would love to make some shirts for my boys.

  119. 139

    Elizabeth M says

    i was thinking wall decals now i’m thinking pillows!!

  120. 140

    Maria Rosales- Dean says

    I really would like to dump my Cricut Mini and replace it with Silhouette so bad!

  121. 141


    What a great machine. I knew it was just a matter of time before it started cutting fabric!
    I’d make some personalized totes for the summer. My girls would love that!

  122. 142

    Katie R. says

    I’d start with some vinyl lettering, then do more wall art and iron on designs and shirts, pillows, tags,cards. …..etc,etc,etc. ;) thanks for the giveaway!

  123. 143

    Erika says

    I would love to do some wall art!

  124. 144

    Callie Sitek says

    A monster onesie and decorations for my son’s 1st birthday, pillows, art, signs…you name it, I’ll make it!!!

  125. 147

    Kelly S. says

    I’ve wanted a Silhouette for so long, there are so many things I’d love to make. Banners, labels, wall art, pillows and wearable art, etc.

  126. 149

    Stacey R. says

    What a very generous giveaway. Thanks for the chance to enter – I would use it to cut appliques for daughter’s shirts and I would love to try my hand at creating a stencil!

  127. 150

    Jean Bullock says

    I would make cards.

  128. 151


    I would make subway art with our first dance song on it!

  129. 152

    Angela K says

    So many possibilities it’s hard to decide what my first project would be.

  130. 153

    mary anne fields says

    I/d make something beautiful for my sister’s newly redecorated bedroom

  131. 154

    Rebekah Stockton says

    I’d make a chore chart.

  132. 155

    Rebecca says

    I want to give this machine to my friend!

  133. 156


    I would love to make signs with my portrait!

  134. 157

    KaySue says

    Wall art for my entry way.

  135. 159


    The first that I do are cards, them…umm… everithing, jajajajajajaja

  136. 161

    Julia says

    I’d love to make some decorations for my classroom!

  137. 162

    Terri Hughes says

    I’m not sure what I would make, there are so many possibilities. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  138. 163

    Glyness says

    I would definitely decorate my kiddos rooms with applique insanity!

  139. 164

    Laura Donohoo says

    There are so many things that I would make if I won! I would make cards, banners, shirts, onesies, and so much more!!!

  140. 165


    I know it’s not part of the promo but I would love to do some vinyl wall art!

  141. 166

    Julia says

    I would make some appliques for my daughter’s shirts if I won a Silhouette.

  142. 167

    Diana says

    So many thing I could do with this machine….

  143. 168

    Sharon says

    I could have a pillow for every state we’ve lived in. What fun!

  144. 169

    amanda says

    If I won, I would make family “team” shirts so all of my boys would know how much we all support him when we are at tournaments or competitions.

  145. 170

    Linda Armenti says

    I would make appliques for my tennis t-shirts.

  146. 171

    Pam M says

    I’d make some t-shirts and onesies as gifts.

  147. 173

    Susan S says

    I would make some appliqued pillows for my family room.

  148. 174


    I would make some decor projects for my son’s room and the nursery I think:)

  149. 175

    nicole says

    id use it for craft projects to make for gifts and to use up my fabric pieces stash!

  150. 176

    Susan says

    I would use it for appliques and vinyl lettering

  151. 178


    I would love to do fabric appliques! and vinyl wall decor (:

  152. 179

    Meche says

    I would make pillow cases!

  153. 180

    Grace Elliston says

    I think i would make a few freezer paper shirts for my kids and a few signs for my upcoming wedding :)

  154. 181

    Rust says

    I would organize my pantry and cooking supplies (spices, etc)

  155. 182

    Vicky D says

    Would love to make something with the grandkids!

  156. 184

    Margilyne Williamson says

    I would love to use it to make custom tshirts for my nieces and nephews.

  157. 185

    Jennifer Thompson says

    I’d make all kinds of appliques for everything, thanks!

  158. 186

    Carmen says

    I want to make vinyl cut-outs and cards

  159. 187

    Suzanne says

    I would love to make some vinyl wall decor!

  160. 188

    Renee Robinson says

    I would love this machine!!! i think the first thing i would make with it would be tote bags….i have so many ideas for these!!!

  161. 189

    JenniferB says

    I would like to make some cute little appliquéd onesies for upcoming baby showers

  162. 190

    C CLAIBORNE says



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