JOY ~ Chargers Hung With Ribbon

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas up in here!  I’ve definitely been bitten by the Christmas bug…much to Matt’s dismay.  I am trying to start small, especially since he refuses to get my decorations out of the attic until next week…silly man.  Doesn’t he realize I’ll just make more?  Bahahahaha!  I had already made the Glitter In Glass Ornaments, so I decided to start decorating my breakfast nook.  So, over the weekend, I was shopping at Michael’s and I saw these fabulous plastic chargers…in aqua.  Well, I just had to buy them, right?  Not only were they aqua, they were also $1.50.  I got them home and thought hmmmm…what shall I do with them.  And then it hit me…sting em’ up with ribbon and say something…I chose joy…
I grabbed up some Mod Podge (the sparkle formula), some glitter, and a foam brush.
I started by painting the letter j with Mod Podge and sprinkling with glitter.  I had to see if it would work…I wanted the look of sparkly snow.
Once I got the desired effect, I continued on with the o and the y.
Once they were nice and dry, I flipped the plates over and proceeded to hot glue the ribbon onto the backs of the chargers.
I just lined them up and glued the ribbon vertically.  Once the glue was dry, I simply flipped them over and hung them in between two windows in my breakfast nook.
Joy to you and all of yours this holiday season…have you started decorating yet?