How To Start Seeds In 3 Days ~ Simple Gardening Tip

How to start seeds in 3 days

This post was originally published in the Spring of 2013…I’d like to share it with you again since Spring is almost here and it’s time to get those seeds started! The photos aren’t great, my nails look awful, but it works, so I’m going to share it again anyway ;)  Happy Gardening!


I love flowers! There is nothing better than having coffee on my patio in the mornings, surrounded by all of the vibrant colors in my garden.  I especially love flowers that climb trellises and fences.   This year, I decided to add some new climbers to my garden, and I wanted them to grow quickly.  To be honest, I just forgot to do my usual indoor seed planting weeks ago like I was supposed to.  So, when I saw a tip in Southern Living Magazine last week, I decided to try it.  Now I am going to show you how to start seeds in 3 days!  No kidding…

how to start seeds the fastest wayPick out your seeds.  I chose morning glories, moonflowers, and cypress.

How to starts seeds the quickest wayPour your seeds out.

clip the end of a seed off with nail clippers to grow fasterClip the end off of each one…this can take a while, so get comfortable.

And…please excuse my hideous nails.

Clip seeds then soak in water overnight for fast germinationOnce you have clipped them, put them in a glass of water and let them soak overnight.

This softens the seed coating and allows it to germinate quickly.

How to start seeds super fastPlant your seeds in a pot or straight in the ground like me, and within 3 days, you will have sprouts!!!

I cannot wait to watch these babies grow and start to vine up the trellis!

Gardening Tip - Start Seeds in 3 Days at Mom 4 Real

Do you have any easy gardening tips?  I would love to hear them!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Katie says

    How awesome! I was wondering if I should just bypass all the seeds I just bought because I was late too but I think I’ll try em!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. says

    I’m so glad you showed this! I nearly severed a digit trying to “nick” my seed with a paring knife :) Duh. I planted those same seeds too, and the soaking really does help! Will love seeing your garden when it grows.
    xo, Andrea

  3. Rose says

    what a great idea! I will definitely try this.

  4. says

    Great tip Jess! My husband is the green thumb between the two of us and he had me start his veggies seeds a few weeks ago and I totally failed lol! Definitely trying this out!

  5. Janet says

    My zucchini seeds didn’t germinate in the ground for some reason so I decided to try them using a method I used with my third graders to let them see seed germination. I soaked a paper towel. Inserted it in a ziplock bag. Then I laid 8 seeds on the wet towel and taped the bag to a sunny window. Two days later the seeds are all germinating! Now to get them into the ground before they grow long spindly stems.

  6. says

    I always soak mine too but I have never tried clipping them. I am going to have to do that this year :)

  7. says

    Fold a couple of paper towels in half.
    Lay them in a cookie sheet.
    Spread your seeds inside the paper towels.
    Pour cup of water on the towels to dampen.
    Place in oven, on low, over night,
    Keep moist
    Seeds should be sprouting after 10 hours.

  8. says

    That’s a good tip to know… especially if you do not have a lot of time on your hands these days like myself. Sometimes I mean to do it, but can’t get to it! This will help me in the future… Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    So pinning this! I was about to give up on all the seeds I bought last month, I thought it was too late, now it’s not! Thanks so much for sharing this tip. :)

  10. Terri says

    This is Great! Thanks for sharing. Also I would love to know the name of the climbing vine with bright orange flowers in the picture, so pretty.
    Thanks, Terri

    • Kim says

      They look like they may be Black eyed Susan vines. Do a search and see what you think. They come in different colors. I hope this helps.

  11. Carla says

    Can I also do this with veggie seeds ????

  12. Dee says

    Is it too late to do this now?!? I just found some seeds I bought late January and misplaced. ;-(

  13. peggy says

    Im for sure going to try this with my morning glories!!!!!!!! especially since Ive been told I cant have morning glories in ARIZONA!!!!!!! they grow wild in texas, but I cant have them in arizona???????? watch me!!!!!!! My family mailed me some seeds, and Im DANG SURE GOING TO TRY IT. One more thing off my bucket list!!!!!!!!lol
    Im sure going to have fun trying. had beautiful ones in colorado!!!!!!
    thank you so much for the info.

  14. Lynn Perez says

    It also works well to just hold the seed and rub it a few times on a nail file, then soak.

  15. Stacy says

    What about poppy seeds? Too little to clip. I have a very hard time starting them. Anyone have an idea to share?

    • says

      Have you tried soaking them in water overnight maybe, Stacy? I’m not sure it would work, but it just may :)

  16. says

    Thanks Jessica for reminding me of this soaking tip, for the seeds I haven’t sown yet as I’ve been in hospital with a back problem and my garden has been neglected. it’s ok for the big seeds, so I’ll just scatter the tiny ones & hope for the best. Enjoy your Easter holiday. not sure when yours is , but here in France where I live, it starts this w/e, there’s Choc. eggs & easter bunnies everywhere in the chocolatieres

    • says

      Hi, Barbara! It’s going to be Easter this coming weekend here as well, although I’d much rather spend it in France! How amazing! Hope your back feels better soon! Hugs, Jessica

  17. Louise Checketts says

    Hi my name is Louise I found your site a couple days ago and have been hooked ever since. I Love it. I would like to start growing a small plant to brighten up my bedroom but have no idea about gardening or plants. I want it to be relatively small and colourful what would you recommend? and could you recommend any books that would help someone who is a beginner with gardening? I would really appreciate your help with this. Thank you x

    • says

      Hi, Louise…you are so sweet! As far as an indoor plant, it may be best to buy one that has already been started and does well indoors…maybe a small fern or African Violet. They usually need a little light and to be watered only once per week. I don’t really read gardening books, but if you go to and type in beginner gardening, I bet a ton of information will come up! Hope this helps! XOXO Jessica

  18. says

    Great tip! I was wondering if I could do this with rose seeds as well? Please let me know and thank you so much for posting such informative information.

  19. Chris says

    Hi. Your picture shows Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia). I wanted to let you know that the seeds are big enough that they will work with the soaking method but I also scratch the seeds to rough up and thin the protective outer shell. I hold the seed with a tweezers and run it over an emery board and then soak it n warm water. There are two types of what is called Black Eyed Susan vine. One is Thunbergia and the other is Rudbeckia Hirta. Either can be started with these methods to speed germination.


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