How To Start Seeds In 3 Days ~ Simple Gardening Tip

How to start seeds in 3 days

This post was originally published in the Spring of 2013…I’d like to share it with you again since Spring is almost here and it’s time to get those seeds started! The photos aren’t great, my nails look awful, but it works, so I’m going to share it again anyway ;)  Happy Gardening!


I love flowers! There is nothing better than having coffee on my patio in the mornings, surrounded by all of the vibrant colors in my garden.  I especially love flowers that climb trellises and fences.   This year, I decided to add some new climbers to my garden, and I wanted them to grow quickly.  To be honest, I just forgot to do my usual indoor seed planting weeks ago like I was supposed to.  So, when I saw a tip in Southern Living Magazine last week, I decided to try it.  Now I am going to show you how to start seeds in 3 days!  No kidding…

how to start seeds the fastest wayPick out your seeds.  I chose morning glories, moonflowers, and cypress.

How to starts seeds the quickest wayPour your seeds out.

clip the end of a seed off with nail clippers to grow fasterClip the end off of each one…this can take a while, so get comfortable.

And…please excuse my hideous nails.

Clip seeds then soak in water overnight for fast germinationOnce you have clipped them, put them in a glass of water and let them soak overnight.

This softens the seed coating and allows it to germinate quickly.

How to start seeds super fastPlant your seeds in a pot or straight in the ground like me, and within 3 days, you will have sprouts!!!

I cannot wait to watch these babies grow and start to vine up the trellis!

Gardening Tip - Start Seeds in 3 Days at Mom 4 Real

Do you have any easy gardening tips?  I would love to hear them!

Happy gardening!

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