How To Install A Kitchen Faucet and Introducing Pasadena!

How To Install a Kitchen FaucetIsn’t she lovely?  Isn’t she wonderful?  I swear, every time I walk in my kitchen right now, I just sigh…  I’m so in love with my new Pasadena faucet by Pfister that I can’t stand myself!  I’m also so proud, because I installed this baby all by myself!  Yep…just me!  I’m going to show you how to install a kitchen faucet too!  I swear, if I can do it, so can you!

Replace a kitchen faucetI started by turning off the water supply underneath the sink.  Just turn the knobs to the left until all of the water is shut off.  Then take a wrench and loosen the hoses and unhook them.  I actually lifted my entire sink so I could give it a good scrubbing while I was at it.  So, my sink has 4 holes.  Usually, your faucet, knobs, and sprayer all require holes.  In this case, I won’t need them all…

Installing a kitchen faucetThe faucet I chose came with the option to either install into a sink with two holes (one for the faucet and one for the soap dispenser), or use this plate to cover the holes.

Installing a kitchen faucet step by stepOnce you have the plate in position, pull your hose as far out as possible, then place your faucet and tubes down the hole in the center.

Installing a kitchen faucet with PfisterOnce the hoses are dropped down the hole, you are going to need to get under your sink.  Believe me, at this point, I had a few laughs at my own expense.  I could just envision my legs sticking out from underneath the sink.  No plumbers crack here, thank you very much!

Grab the copper plating (which will keep the hoses in place), and make sure you place it bumpy side up.  Insert the nut into the tool provided and proceed to install.

Instructions for installing a kitchen faucetYou will slide the plate and nut up over the center hose which has a plastic piece around it, and tighten using the tool provided and a screw driver (the actual hose, not the hoses that connect to your water supplies.)

Replace your kitchen faucet the easy wayOnce it is completely tightened, place the plastic nut over the bottom.  Then you will string the large weight over the hose and hold the end.

How to Install a Kitchen Faucet the Easy WayYou then attach the connector hose to the end and push it upward to the smaller hose until it won’t pull down.  At this point, you can connect the other two hoses to your water supply.  They are labeled red for hot and blue for cold.  Then turn your water supply back on!

Pasadena Faucet by PfisterAnd tada!!!  Your sink is ready to use!!!  Mine came with a soap dispenser as well.

Phister Faucet - PasadenaNow for the fun part!  I can just pull the hose out and spray with two options…shower, and…

Pasadena by Pfister FaucetsStraight!  I can fill pots and clean dishes all day long!

Pfister Faucet PasadenaI could not be happier!!!   Well, maybe I could be a little happier, when I replace my sink at the end of August…then I’ll show you how to do that, and my new faucet will be beyond perfect!!!

So…what have you tackled lately?

Thank you so much, Pfister, for supplying the Pasadena Faucet so I could show my readers how to install a faucet!

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