How To Get a Clean Porcelain Sink and Remove Rust Stains Too!

How To Get a Clean Porcelain Sink and Remove Rust Stains Too!

Today I am going to share a super easy cleaning trick with you … how to get a clean porcelain sink and remove rust stains! If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is trying to keep the porcelain sinks in our bathrooms clean. They seem to attract dust, grime and if you sit anything metal on them for even the shortest amount of time, then you have a rust stain. Perfect example:  When Matt leaves his shaving cream sitting on the sink.  It leaves a rust ring that I usually don’t find until it’s too late, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to get that ring to go away!  Well, a few weeks ago I tried something new that I read about in an old old book.

Clean stains off of your porcelain sink

See there?  I had tried to use one of my magic erasers, which usually works, but not this time.  Grrrrr.

Use lemons and salt to clean stains off of your ceramic sinkSo, I tried a new method.  I cut a lemon in half and dipped it in salt.


Then I scrubbed the stain gently…and dang!  It worked like a charm!  This amazing combination took the rust stain right away!

The easy way to get stains off of your porcelain sinkI’m not even kidding!  It took seconds, and cost nothing.  I am so excited that it actually worked, and will be using this fabulous combination more often!

I have also used lemons to clean my microwave…you wanna talk about easy and inexpensive?  Plus your home will smell fabulous!

You can view that post HERE!

Clean Your Microwave with Lemons

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