How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This weekend, I did a little updating in the kitchen.  I opened up some of my cabinets and painted inside, and I love it!  Any time I change things up or redecorate anything, I start looking a little more closely at the surroundings.  The last time I updated my kitchen, it sparked my posts on How To Clean Between The Glass On Your Oven Doors and How To Clean Your Ceramic Stovetop.  In this case, the cabinets that I painted surrounded my kitchen sink.  Ummm…yuck is all I can say.  Apparently, it had been a long time since I had given my sink a good cleaning.  So, I decided I better clean my stainless steel sink thoroughly, and give it some shine!
I hate to share the grossness with you, but I’m about keepin’ it real, so here is the down and dirty of it…my gross kitchen sink…
And the crusty faucet.  Yep, gross!  Who even knows what that is…food?  Lime build up?  Whatever it is, I must have chosen not to see it until now.  Shameful.
Let’s get her all cleaned up!
I started by spraying water over the entire sink and faucet.
Next, I sprinkled Barkeeper’s Friend over all of it.  I first heard about this product while watching Martha Stewart years ago.  It’s really inexpensive, and can be found in the cleaning section of most stores.  It has a strange smell, but it’s amazing, and it won’t scratch up your sink!
Now get to scrubbing.  Scrub every inch of the sink.  The Barkeeper’s Friend will pull up all of the lime and food build up and even the stuff you can’t see.
Now, rinse the surfaces, and wipe clean with paper towels or a soft cloth.  I use paper towels because I don’t want to ruin my bar mops.  See all of the blackness?  That’s the stuff you don’t notice that is all over your sink…the Barkeeper’s Friend helps pull it up.
Once I have wiped my sink clean, I usually spray it with some window cleaner and wipe it down one last time…now my sink is super clean!!!
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