Glitter in Glass Christmas Tree Tutorial

Okay…I know, my aqua glitter obsession is out of control.  I don’t care…I’m throwing caution to the wind and just going with it!  Or, maybe I’ll just try to keep it all relegated to my breakfast nook.
Since making my glitter in glass ornaments, I have been curious to see what I could make using the same method.  I saw this cute clear glass Christmas tree shaped cookie jar at Walmart this weekend for less than $2, and thought I would try it out…
I gathered my supplies…the glass tree jar, some fine glitter, and my floor wax/polish.
Pour a bit of wax/polish into the glass jar, then placed the lid on top.  Shake it up really well, then pour the excess out.  Grab your glitter and pour it all in.  Replace the lid again and shake, shake, shake.  That’s it…your tree should be all glittery…on the inside :)
Isn’t it just the perfect little tree now…all aqua and glittery?  Of course, you can use whatever color glitter you like…I think I may make some in red!

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  1. says

    I made some ornaments and thought that a glass tree would be fun to glitter too. I saw those at Walmart and was concerned about the plasic seal between the top and bottom messing up the looks, but I see yours turned out beautiful!

  2. says

    You always simply amaze me…now I am gonna have to try this and I thought I was all done decorating! I love it!

  3. says

    Jessica, I love the color. I prefer non traditional colors for my holiday decorations. I have trees in all sorts of colors. My favorite is pink.
    However I do have a questions, why floor polish. Would mod podge work?

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