Pearls In a Glass Ornament

Pearls In a Glass Ornament
This is by far my favorite ornament.  I keep it out all year round.
It reminds me of all of the fabulous ladies in my life.  Pink is totally girly, and pearls?  Well, pearls remind me of tea parties, fancy dinners, prom, my wedding day, my sweet Aunt Irene, my Mama, my Grandmothers, and most of all my sweet Kate.  Pearls are sweet and delicate.  They are the perfect touch to the fanciest of dresses or a pair of jeans and my favorite sweater.  When I put on my pearls, I feel just a bit prettier.
These are pearls from a piece of costume jewelry that once belonged to my Aunt Irene.  When Kate was younger, she loved tea parties.  She would put on her prettiest tutu, her fancy white gloves, a pair of my heals, and of course, Aunt Irene’s faux pearls.  She sure was fancy!  One day, those pearls broke. They rolled everywhere.  Kate cried, I cried, Matt hid in our bedroom.  It was a sad occasion.  I scooped my sweet tater up and explained that we would find something else to do with those pretty pearls.  So, the pearls in a glass ornament was born.
Beautiful Pearl Glass Ornament from Mom 4 Real
Isn’t it just the perfect display?  I suppose I could hang it from my tree, but I think it deserves to sit on it’s own…the star of the show!



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