Game/Concert Ticket Saved In Glass Ornament

 This weekend, our UK Wildcats beat Tennessee for the first time in 27 years.  What a win!  So, I decided to use an idea that I got from my crafty friend Shari, and preserve our game ticket in a glass ornament.  She took a baby shower announcement and turned it into a Christmas ornament for our friend Erica, so I thought maybe I could do the same with a ticket!
Here is how you make it…
Start with a package of glass ornaments…I bought mine at Michael’s, but have also seen them at Walmart.  These were on sale for $2!
Cut your ticket into thin strips.  I had already used our Tennessee tickets and forgot to take pictures, so luckily I had these from earlier in the season.
Twist each strip around a thin pencil.
It will make a cute little corkscrew!
Place each twisted strip inside of the glass bulb, then pop the top back on.
I made two, one for each child.  I took a paint pen and wrote the date and score on the back. Then, I tied a ribbon through the hanger and put a hook on.  I think they turned out pretty darned cute, don’t you?  This would also be great for concert or ballet tickets, tickets from a musical, birth announcements, graduation announcements, wedding invitations…the possibilities are endless!



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