Frosted Mason Jar Vase With Seashell Embellishment

Frosted Mason Jar Vase from Mom 4 Real

Today I want to show you how I brought two of my favorite things together…mason jars and lavender.  I was snipping some of my lavender the other day, and plopped it down in a mason jar vase filled with water.  It was super cute, but I thought hmmm…it could be cuter!  I decide to try out some frosted glass spray paint that I bought for a Christmas ornament project last year.   I made this cute frosted mason jar vase using a few things I already had, and I absolutely love it.

Here is how I made mine…

Frosted Mason Jar Vase Before

I started with a large glass mason jar.  I had a case of generic jars that I bought on a recent trip to Walmart, so I decided to use one of them.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase Stencils

I used a circle punch to cute some vinyl scraps I had.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase Polka Dots

Then  I applied the vinyl circles all over the jar in a random pattern.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase Spray

Next, I took my jar outside and gave it 3 coats of frosted glass spray paint.  This stuff dries so quickly, it literally took less than 10 minutes for all three coats.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase After

 Then I removed the stickers.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase With Seashell Embellishment

I decided to give it a beachy look, so I wrapped some twine around the top and hot glued a seashell to the front.

Frosted Mason Jar Vase by Mom 4 Real

I plopped my bouquet of lavender down inside with some water, and I just LOVE it!!!

It oozes country charm and fits perfectly with my cottage decor!

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  1. says

    I love this!! Must give it a try. *eyes all mason jars in house*

  2. says

    What cute idea – and so easy (I’d never have guess!) I’m loving this and pinning it to my DIY Board. :)
    Happy Monday!
    Ang – Juggling Act Mama

  3. says

    I haven’t tried the frosted glass projects yet, but this is so cute! LOVE the polka dots! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  4. says

    The gang at My Personal Accent thinks your post about the Frosted Mason Jar Vase is fantastic and we would like to invite you to party with us at starting at 5:00 Thursday nights at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative ideas. Come on over!!

  5. JaneEllen says

    Found your blog thru the Cutting Edge stencil site. I have subscribed and think I’ll be on here for quite awhile being so inspired I’ll have a hard time turning this machine off tonight. Love your blog and every project I’ve seen so far.
    We have a mfg. home with really crappy cheapy cupboards. There’s vinyl paper on walls with a pattern that has nothing to do with a kitchen, aaarrrggghhh. I’ve washed the walls down and now some of that paper has come off.
    I’ve been totally inspired to paint the back splash and stenciling as shown on Cutting Edge. Fantastic ideas. I also have a portable small kitchen island so want to paint it and perhaps stencil on it.
    Used to do all kinds of stenciling years ago when it was so popular so will dredge up that experience and get to it as soon as I can afford to buy a stencil for back splash and island. I use stenciling on some of my signs since I don’t have a cameo or portrait machine, possibility of owning one is pretty darned remote, so goes life.
    Sorry for getting off subject of your wonderful frosted mason jar, really love it. Will have to give it a go with one of my thrift store jars. It’s perfect for so many things.
    Happy days.

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