Frame Out Your Builder’s Grade Mirror (Without Mitering)

Months and months ago I framed out the builder’s grade mirror in our half bath.  I had seen it done countless times, but know nothing about mitering.  I have no miter saw or box, so I just figured I couldn’t do it.  Wrong-o!  I didn’t cut anything at all…I measured the mirror, and headed to Lowes.  Let me tell you exactly how I did it…

Since I didn’t take pics along the way, I am sharing my son’s bathroom first…he still has a builder’s grade mirror…sorry, Cam!  He is next on the list.  Anyhow, see the raw edge?  Yuck…so not pretty!
Now see how much better it looks covered up?  So, we left off with me heading to Lowe,s.  I walked to the back where the moulding strips are.  I grabbed up a long piece and walked around for a bit.  Then I saw these little wooden squares.  Please don’t ask me what they are called…I have no clue, I just knew that I could butt two pieces of moulding together using them.  No mitering necessary!
So, I took my long strip over to the closest Lowe’s guy and asked him for his advice.  I said, “I really want to frame out my builder’s grade mirror with this.  Can you help me?”  He looked at me like I was a crazy lady…well, I kind of am, so no harm, no foul.  I pulled out my little notepad and drew it for him.  I explained that I just needed the wood pieces cut so I could make a frame around the mirror, and join those pieces together with the little square thingies.  He said I was really smart!  I love him, he is now my favorite Lowe’s guy!  My new fave Lowe’s guy went and cut my strips for me…I’d tell you the dimensions, but they won’t be the same for you…just measure, subtract the width of your little square thingies on each side, and you will have your dimensions.
Now, how to attach them to the mirror???  Liquid nails.  Yep…that easy.  Start with the lower left square.  Squirt some liquid nails on the back and place it against the mirror.  Hold in place for a moment, then grab your bottom piece of moulding and do the same thing…apply liquid nails, hold in place for a moment, then add the right square.  Let the bottom pieces dry overnight so they can be the base for the other pieces.  The next day, add the two side pieces.  Then add squares above them.  Now the top is a little tricky.  You will need to hold it in place for about 5-10 minutes so it doesn’t slide down.  That is it!  
It cost me a total of $27 to frame out this mirror, and that includes the liquid nails and the tool used to squirt it…with tons left over.  It was so worth it to me…the look is just so finished!  
I wish I had taken photos of the step by step instructions…I was just too excited!  You can also check out how to make that cute Hanging Rack With Buckets…another super simple and expensive bathroom addition!

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  1. says

    It looks great. And I’m glad you found someone helpful at Lowe’s. I have a hard time finding anyone there!

  2. Anonymous says

    This is also a great cover up when the silvering along the edges of the mirror start to peel away. Instead of replacing the mirror just cover up!

  3. says

    nICE JOB! I like the size of these mirrors and when I redid the bath I actually left the mirror. I will do this!!

  4. Anonymous says

    question. My builder grade mirrors sit in a ‘track’ on the bottom and have mirror clips securing it on top. Would it still work for me and if so, how? I can’t figure out how it would fit without having to make cuts on the back of my moulding?

  5. says

    Your bathroom is so cute! Lovin’ the black and green. Great job on simplifying the mirror framing. :)

  6. says

    This looks so much easier than the plan I have for our mirrors! Love how simple it is, and how wonderful it looks completed. Thanks for sharing, I will be pinning this.
    Debbie :)

  7. says

    The only thing that concerns/worries me is what if you want to remove the frame later? Does the drywall/sheetrock get damaged? I mean, that Liquid Nails is tough stuff! But I totally agree….a much more stylish look than the builder grade mirrors all by themselves.

  8. Kathy ;-) says

    Awesome Idea! I am going to do the same to my boyfriends bathroom.

  9. says

    I am so excited to do this! I have been wanting to redo the mirror in my bathroom for ever and thought I would have to take the mirror off the wall! Nope!!!! Thank you for this post!

  10. says

    I am so exited to find this post, I have been wanting to do this for so long to my bathroom mirror and thought it was too big of a task to take the whole thing down. You Have made this super easy, thank you so much!

  11. Marsha says

    I just found your blog, and I love it!. I just read about framing your builder-grade bathroom mirror. What is holding your mirror up? I have plastic clips around mine. Looks like they’ll be in the way of the molding.
    Thanks for any help!

    • says

      Hi, Marsha! I’m pretty sure mine is glued to the wall somehow…no clips. Maybe you could unscrew them and glue the mirror to the wall before framing. Hope this helps!

  12. Carl says

    Fill in the space above the holder at the bottom of the mirror with scrape material, ie, left over flooring material from some other project maybe even strips of thick cardboard. Do the same close to the clips. Then cover this area with the framing wood. The frame doesn’t hold the mirror anyway so the framing wood will just be for show and design


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