Faux Granite Countertops with Giani Granite Paint


Do you hear that?  The angels singing?  I do.  Let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time, a cottage loving girl moved into a little house.  All was perfect in the world, and the girl started to make the house a home.  She painted walls, bought pretty white slipcovers, painted furniture, decorated her breakfast nook just so, and her heart should have been full.  But alas, there was an dark ugly kitchen that tortured her soul.


In case you haven’t figured it out, that girl is me, and this is the kitchen that has tortured me since the day we moved in.  Some folks love dark cherry cabinets and dark laminate countertops, but this girl is not one of them.  I love bright and white cottage style.  I lived with this dark kitchen for nearly ten years.  It never even thought about painting my kitchen cabinets, and definitely didn’t think painting my countertops was possible, I mean, who does that?  Well, a few months back, I was cruising around reading some of my favorite blogs, when I stumbled upon a Nuvo Cabinet Paint giveaway.  I entered and forgot about it.  Then I got an email saying I had won the paint  giveaway.  I was both excited and nervous.  I consulted Matt, and we decided to try the white…boy am I happy we did….here is how our cabinets turned out.  You can see the full White Kitchen Reveal by clicking here and where I opened up some of my kitchen cabinets here.


Now you think a girl would be happy with this, and believe me I was…for a day or two.  But the countertop still bugged me.  Don’t let this pretty picture fool you…see the cutting board sitting in the middle corner of the counter?  It was hiding a dirty secret…


Oh the shame!  This is where my two pieces of my laminate countertops met up.  I have been hiding this hideousness for years.  I had tried to cover it with other paint, and even tried a sharpie marker, but nothing worked, and it extended from the edge of the counter all the way to the wall.  Ugh.

Then I found Giani Granite…my knight in shiny armour!  I contacted them and asked if I could try their product and show my readers that they don’t have to live with ugly countertops.  See, Giani Granite and Nuvo Cabinet Paint (which I used on my kitchen cabinets) are one in the same, so I knew their product was inexpensive, but high quality.  They agreed, I picked out which color I would like to try, and the rest is history…no more ugly countertops!  No more hiding imperfections with cutting boards!  I now have the gorgeous granite like countertops I have dreamed of since moving here!

I’m sure you are wondering how hard it was.  It was actually one of the easiest projects I have ever done!  You simply sponge on layers after layer.  If you make a mistake, you just sponge new layer sover your mistake.  The kit covers a huge area, and I actually have enough to do another countertop if I want to.  It took less than two days to do, and that is with drying time…not two days of actual painting.  The surface is smooth and durable with a nice sheen to it as well.  BTW, I chose Sicilian Sand.

Before using Giani Granite, I asked a fellow blogger how her countertops using the same product were holding up, and she said they were great after a full year!


I love that I can show you my countertops without hiding things!


 I actually want to cook now.  I spend every moment I can in my kitchen!

Wanna see the before, middle, and after all in a row?


 So, what do you think?  Do you have ugly countertops?  Do you have to hide imperfections?

What color granite would you love to have in your kitchen?  Giani Granite has a nice selection to choose from…in fact, my friend Jen from Four Marrs & One Venus painted her countertops too, with a completely different look.  Click here to see Jen’s kitchen!

Please ignore the different formats and sizing of the photos…this has been a long drawn out process.  Next up for my kitchen, stainless steel appliances!

Have a lovely day!


Savvy Southern Style


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    • admin says

      Thanks girl…come on over anytime…I’ll make you some grub!

  1. says

    Wow! That’s awesome … they look so good! I love how your kitchen came out :)

    • admin says

      Thanks so much, Kara…I’m pretty happy with it too :)

  2. says

    It looks great, isn’t Giani Granite awesome? loving the new kitchen look. Hugs, jen

    • admin says

      Thank you, Jen! I am so happy with it…just over the moon!

  3. says

    Wow, Jessica, over the top wonderful looking. What a difference and good for you reaching out to the company to get the product for free.

    • admin says

      Thank you, Kim! You know exactly how I feel with your pretty new kitchen, I’m sure!

  4. says

    Jessica you have to be loving life now. Looks gorgeous. I absolutely love Giani..great product indeed!

    • admin says

      Thanks, Debbie! I am so pleased with it!!! I never want to leave my kitchen now :)

  5. says

    This is an amazing transformation!! Thanks so much for sharing. My husband promised me new counter tops before the end of summer… if he doesn’t hold his word, I know what is in my future! Thank you again :)

    • admin says

      Ha…we kept talking about getting new countertops and kept putting it off. Thank goodness for the paint, or who knows how long we would have to live with them. Good luck!

  6. Marie says

    Love it! It looks really great.

  7. says

    Ummm. Utterly Speechless over here- Amazing New look! I will take some of those french toasts things you made for Kate the other day! :) Nice work Jess!!

  8. says

    OMGoodness!!! Your kitchen just keeps getting better and better :) Can’t wait to see it with the stainless steel appliances :) GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Rondell says

    I have new counter tops and love them but my daughter has the 70’s/80’s butcher block counter tops. I’d love to do this for her. I know she would love them! Yours looks just beautiful and I know how you feel about white cabinets, we did ours about a year ago and just love them!

  10. says

    What a huge, bright difference that makes! I am dying to update our paint and counters in our kitchen and this might just do the trick!!

  11. says

    I used the Giani countertop paint in my laundry room over a year ago, and it still looks fabulous! I love how yours turned out!

  12. says

    Amazing! Makes me wanna go out and buy some for my ugly boring beige laminate counter tops. Totally love how you lightened up the whole room with some paint. What an inviting room!

  13. says

    It looks amazing!! Holy cow. I used to be a darker kitchen type of girl, but over the past few years I’ve absolutely swooned over white, fresh kitchens. It’s all I want in life now, haha

  14. says

    So this is what you were up to!! Looks so amazing Jessica – you must just stare at it every time you are in the kitchen with a big smile!! What a huge difference! I can’ t believe how authentic it looks too :D Pinning right now!

  15. says

    Such a great improvement on the countertops and am loving the whole look. I have helped a friend with this same thing and it’s just amazing what paint can do, don’t you think?

  16. says

    Wow!!! Your kitchen looks so much better now! I’m really digging the white cabinets. I also like how you opened up some of the shelves. The counters, by the way… a world of difference!!!

  17. says

    Amazing and one more proof that white cabinet goes well with light countertops… People here keep telling me I’m crazy for wanting that: you’re proving them wrong and most importantly me right!!!

  18. says

    Oh my goodness. You are kidding. I cannot believe the transformation!! They look great and the fact that they are durable makes me want to get some. What a great solution!!!

  19. says

    Wow!!! What an amazing difference painting them made!! I’ve actually been comtemplating painting mine too! I just have to convince the hubby..haha!
    Selene from restorationbeauty.com

  20. Jenny@northwestlovelies says

    Wow!! It’s so light and airy! I can’t believe the countertops are painted!! They look amazing! Beautiful makeover!

  21. Nicole says

    Your counters look fabulous! I used Giani Granite once. For the most part they held up well, but there were several areas of chipping that had to be retouched every couple months, and it stains easily. I have 4 children so many things were spilled on our counters. I think they finishing top coat was to blame for our problems. Good luck with yours!

  22. says

    Looks great! Can’t believe you can get that out of a kit!

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  23. says

    LOL it’s lovely but I am laughing because alot of women in the world would have thought your kitchen was a dream either way :)

  24. says

    Wow, your counter tops look amazing! I just went to the Giani site and see that you can also use the product over tile, which is what we have. I’ve been thinking and looking at what we are going to do in our kitchen. It’s time for an up-date. Will have to show the site to my hubby to see if this may be an option for us.

  25. says

    Amazing work Jessica! you are a genius! I’m lucky to have you for a mentor on Hometalk!

  26. says

    Jessica – Stunning transformation in the kitchen! Love the look of the countertops and thanks for sharing the tips and suggestions. Pictures are great too. Terrific post & project!

  27. says

    Jessica – Stunning transformation in the kitchen! Love the look of the countertops and thanks for sharing the tips and suggestions. Pictures are great too. Terrific post & project!

  28. Kathy says

    Wow! What an amazing transformation!! I did this on my bathroom counter tops and it came out great! I loved the look so much, I wanted to try it on my businesses’ office building…. I found this product Spray Stone USA (used for larger applications such as on the outside of buildings, ect) and it came out beautifully – it really looks like granite! Anyway, your kitchen looks great!

  29. Lorel says

    I would LOVE to know how well these counter tops have held up for you. I’m thinking I’ll try to tackle this next month. Let me know!

    • says

      Hi, Lorel! They have been great. I think I could have put another coat of their poly on for a little more protection. I did get a scratch in one place and fixed it easily. Hope this helps! xo Jessica


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