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We have had so much fun with our elf Jenny over the past two years.  She is a sneaky little elf, full of imagination and lots of fun.  Kate jumps up out of bed every morning to see what kind of surprise Jenny has in store for her.
Maybe your Elf on the Shelf is running out of ideas and needs some inspiration.  Maybe you can tell them all about Jenny’s ideas…
These are just a few photos that Kate has taken of Jenny up to no good…we will be adding more as we count down the days until Christmas, when Jenny has to leave for the North Pole…
Here are a few of the mischievous deeds from our elf, Jenny…
1.  She had a tea party with American Girl dolls and my Grandma’s china.
2.  Eating chocolate drizzled popcorn.
3.  Hanging upside down on a mirror…she traced herself with a dry erase marker.
4.  Drinking some milk and having a cookie.
5.  Squirting toothpaste all over the bathroom sink.
6.  Toilet papered our Christmas tree.
7.  Trying to talk Santa into taking her off the naughty list…good luck with that one, Jenny!


Stay tuned for more of Jenny’s antics … we will be updating daily :)

Jenny Hitching a ride with Justin Bieber



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