Elf On The Shelf Blanket ~ A Gift For Jenny

My sweet Kate loves her Elf on the Shelf Jenny soooo much.  With only two days left until Jenny leaves us and heads back to the North Pole, Kate thought it would be nice to make something for her to take with her… an elf sized blanket with her name on it.
We looked through our craft supplies and pulled out a white piece of felt to use as the blanket.  We made a freezer paper stencil of her name and used it to paint Jenny on it.  Then we took some washi tape and ironed to pieces right above and below her name.  Kate wanted to add a heart because she loves her so much, so we stenciled that on as well.  She got a dauber out and painted on some quick polka dots.  The last thing we did was make a felt flower like this one Angelina made, and hot glued it on.  Kate was so excited to give it to her, and she asked if I would make sure to share it with you…after all, this is her blog too!

So, what do you think?  After all of the hard (mischievous) work those little elves do, don’t they deserve a little something?


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    Jenny would be perfect for our Hot Tamale! Although he does rock the same skirt on occasion – he appeared with it the other day actually. My daughter wrote him a note saying “are you a boy or a girl – check the box”. He checked both boxes and wrote “tee hee”. Hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that!
    Have a great Christmas!

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    Jenny is one lucky little elf indeed. I love this. Merry Christmas Jessica and sweet family!

  3. says

    So very Precious and what fun and happy memories that have and will continued to be made!! Merry Christmas and Happy Travel Jenny!!

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