Easy No Sew Valance & 4 More No Sew Projects

How To Make A Simple No Sew Valance or Curtains

I am so excited to share this project with you! Making my own curtains is one of my favorite things to do…you have so many different options when you make them yourself. You can choose different fabrics, different styles, and you don’t even have to know how to sew! Today I’m going to show you  my go to way to make an easy no sew valance! All you need is some fabric, a glue gun and something to hang them with!

Bonus Alert! I’ve joined 4 other amazing bloggers who are also sharing no sew projects today! At the bottom of this post, I’ll leave the links to their posts as well, so you can play along with us! Okay…Let’s do this!

No Sew Valance Step 1

Start by measuring the width of your window/windows and consider how far down you would like your valance to hang. I like to make a fancy fold in the middle of each of my valances, so I measure my fabric 8 inches wider than my window is. If you just want a plain valance with no extra fold, measure the width of your window and cut your fabric 4 inches wider than your window. For the length (from top to bottom), add two inches when cutting your fabric.

No Sew Valance Step 2

Let’s start with the sides (short part of your fabric panel). I went ahead and left the raw fabric edge since I am folding it over any way. Lay your fabric wrong side up, place a long bead of hot glue on down the edge, and fold the end over (about one inch) pressing down to adhere the fabric together. Continue all the way down one side.

No Sew Valance Step 3

Now place a long bead of hot glue down the middle of your folded over fabric and fold it over again, pressing down lightly to adhere the fabric.

No Sew Valance Step 4

This is what you should see at this point. You have a nice double folded edge.  Repeat this process on the other side of your fabric panel.

No Sew Valance

Now for time for the top and bottom of your fabric panel. I don’t worry about doubling the fabric over here, just follow the step of the first side and spread a bead of hot glue across the fabric then fold over, pressing to adhere the fabric together. You may have to do a bit at a time to be sure the glue doesn’t dry before you get it pressed down.

No Sew Valance Step 7

Your fabric panel is ready…if you have more than one valance to hang, just repeat the process!

No Sew Valance Step 8

Now, let’s hang them. I am using nails…no worries, we are going to cover them up. I can’t really use a curtain rod, because they always just seem to fall out of our walls.  I started by nailing each side above the windows (one in the middle of the two windows and one on the outer edge). I did this for both valances. The reason mine are hanging in the middle is because I like to add a fold in the middle to make them look a little more custom. If you didn’t leave the extra space, ignore the hanging part up there and move to the next step.

No Sew Valance Step 9

Find the middle of your fabric and nail it down in the center of the space above your window.  If you want to add the fold like I did, simply pull your fabric into a fold in the middle and nail it down.  Now I know what you are thinking…nails, really? So that I wouldn’t have to look at nail heads, I hung cute little flower cut mason jar lids on the nails. You can hot glue buttons over the nail heads or any fun hardware, like cabinet knobs…no-one will ever know ;)

Easy No Sew Valance

Now I have cute little valances, and it literally took me less than 10 minutes to make them and hang them. Plus, I didn’t have to get out my sewing machine!

The easiest way to make curtains - no sewing required

Now everything matches and my dining room flows with my kitchen and breakfast nook…cute, right?

If you are wondering what fabric I used for this valance, it is Waverly Pom Pom Play Spa Fabric from onlinefabricstore.net 

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Have a beautiful day!



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