Dropcloth Valance Hung With Mason Jar Lids

Two weeks ago, I did a home tour for Debbiedoo’s.  It was so hard to put my home out there for everyone, because we have what I would call a lived in home.  Nothing fancy here…most of the decor is home made by me.  So after sending the post to Debbie, I nearly threw up…I just wanted to hide under a rock.  But then the comments and emails started coming…with compliments and questions.  You were all so kind and made me feel like I was on top of the world!  One of the most asked questions was about the valance in my dining area.  What is that?  What are they hung with?  So I thought I should explain..
It’s a long piece of dropcloth…sewn all the way around, scrunched up and hung with Mason Jar Lids!
Yup…that’s a nail right in the center of the Mason Jar Lids I bought from Mindy Mae’s Market…for super cheap I might add.
Our walls don’t hold curtain rods unless you put anchors into the drywall, then sometimes they still don’t hang very well…especially if you change things out constantly like I do.  So, no rod necessary…just hammer those babies right into the wall through the dropcloth um… errr…valance.
I gotta say, I love it.  It’s simple, I already had the lids and drop cloth, so free too!  You could use fabric or an old table runner, or just about anything!
Thanks for being so kind, and giving me the push to keep on doing my thing!



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