DIY Sweater Wreath

I absolutely adore my new wreath!
This adorable wreath is made out of 3 cardigan sweaters that were a little big for me.  I loved the colors, and have been hanging on to them for some odd reason.  I keep seeing all of these sweet rosette wreathes on Pinterest, and have been dying to make my own!  So, I decided to try to make my own using those pretty cardigans, and I absolutely adore it!
I started with a grapevine wreath that I paid 1 dollar for.  I cut strips of the cream sweater, and wrapped them around until the entire wreath was covered. (I just tucked the ends into the wreath at the end of each strip, but you could easily hot glue them to the wreath.)  I then went about making the rosettes, which are made from the sleeves of the sweaters.
Here are the steps…
1.  Cut the sleeve off of the sweater, and lay it flat.
2.  Take the cuff, and fold it in on both sides, and hot glue.
3.  Fold the cuff inward to start twisting.
4.  Start pulling the rest of the sweater around the cuff.
5.  As you are pulling it around, twist the sweater upward.
I like to hot glue little dots as I go along to
keep it from falling apart while I work.
6.  Keep doing step 5 until you get to the end of the sleeve.
7.  Flip the rosette over, and hot glue the end of the sleeve to the bottom.
Once you have the rosettes finished, simply hot glue them to the wreath.  That is it…super easy, ridiculously inexpensive, and absolutely adorable!
Note:  The first time making a rosette may be a little aggravating, so instead of glueing the first time, play around with it a few times…trust me, it gets easier!



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