DIY Drink Coasters w/ Mod Podge

The sun is shining bright here in Kentucky, so I am ready for some patio time!
I was at Lowe’s last week, and was trying to find some kind of crafty inspiration.  I just walked down every isle, until I found myself in the flooring section.  I saw these little 4 X 4 inch tiles for 16 cents, and grabbed 4.    I immediately thought…Coasters!  I love coasters, and was originally going to make them for my living room, but decided to make these fun summery coasters for my patio! 
This is how I made mine…
First, I painted a coat of Mod Podge on the top of the tile.  
Do one at a time…it dries quickly!
Then, I smoothed some scrapbook paper over the Mod Podge.
Once that dried, I flipped the tile over and cut of the excess paper with my x-acto knife.
Next, I turned the tile back over and painted on a top coat of Mod Podge.
Make sure to smooth out the edges and get any wrinkles or bubbles out.
Now here is the fun part!  I cut out shapes that remind me of Summer, using my Cricut machine.  You can buy pre-cut shapes at most craft stores, or cut them out yourself if you don’t have a machine.  I simply painted on Mod Podge where I wanted the shape, then placed the shape in that spot, and painted a layer of Mod Podge on top.
I painted an extra coat of Mod Podge over the whole tile to seal and protect it.
The last thing I did was hot glue some foam padding on the bottom so it won’t scratch the furniture!
(Sorry about the poor picture quality, but the sun was shining right in the window for this one.)
These adorable coasters would make a great gift for a teacher, friends, or neighbors!  This would also be a really fun craft project for kids…the possibilities are truly endless!



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