DIY Burlap Wine Gift Bag and Chocolate Wine

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The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or over.Make a Burlap Wine Gift Bag #shopOkay…I found something new!  Well, I guess it isn’t really new, but it’s new to me!  You already know how much I love wine…love, love, love wine.  I like chocolate too.  But chocolate wine?  Shut the front door!  It’s a real thing…seriously!   I’ll be giving this lovely ChocolatRouge concoction to all of my wine loving friends for Christmas!  And…if I’m going to give someone a bottle of wine, I am going to need a pretty little gift bag to go with it!  Let’s make one!

Chocolate Rouge Wine #shopOkay to get started, you may want to pour a little in a glass to sip on…I mean, why not?

How to make a burlap wine gift bag. #shopYou will need burlap or some other fabric if you choose.  I had some burlap in my stash and decided to use it.  I placed my bottle of wine down on the burlap and cut it in a rectangle.  You will need to leave about an inch at the bottom, an inch and a half on each side, and 2 inches at the top.  You will need two of these :)

Sew a Burlap Wine Gift Bag #shopTake each piece and fold the top over twice and sew.  This will be the top of the bag, and you don’t want the burlap to fray.  Once you have both tops hemmed, place the two pieces back to back, seems facing outward.    Sew around the two sides and the bottom.  Be sure not to sew the top closed.  Now turn your bag right side out.

Sew a Burlap Bag #shopNow you have your wine bag!

Stencil a Burlap Gift Bag #shopYou can stop there, or you can stencil the bag and make it really pretty!  I simply placed my swirly stencil over the burlap and lightly dabbed my paint on.  I think a snowflake would look super cute too!

Give the gift of wine - make a stenciled burlap gift bag. #shopNow place your bottle of wine inside your pretty bag, and tie a ribbon around the top!

DIY Stenciled Burlap Wine Gift Bag #shopI added a few jingle bells to mine just to make it extra festive!  Isn’t it cute?  I can’t wait to give some of these away!

Chocolate Rouge #shopNow…let me tell you a little more about this wine, CHOCOLATROUGE!  It is amazing, but not too sweet, just perfect!  It’s the perfect blend of red wine with a touch of chocolate…what is better than that?  I absolutely love it.  It is going to be my go to hostess gift for holiday parties as well as a gift for friends.

Wine Refrigerator #shopWe are even adding some to our stash ;)

Uncork Wine Bottle #shopSo, what do you think?  Wanna try some with me?

Happy Holidays!

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