Decorate Your Own Lunchbox

Decorate Your Own Lunchbox
It’s back to school in 2 days for my kiddos, which means we have been doing a crazy amount of back to school shopping up in here!  One of Kate’s favorite things to do each year is pick out her lunch box.  Well, this year, it was slim pickins for a 9 year old.  She has outgrown the whole princess thing, but she still wants something cutesy…not too adult.  We looked up and down the lunchbox selection about 10 times, when she picked up a pack of 3 lunch totes in one package.

She looked up at me and said, “Surely we could do something fun with these!”  A girl after my own heart!  I was thrilled…of course we can!  You are going to have the cutest darn lunch bags in the whole world…you betcha!  The greatest thing…these 3 lunch bags in one package were only $10!  Your heard me right!  The other lunch boxes were about $5 more, so totally awesome score!
We are all into ruffles right now, so we grabbed up this cute polka dot fabric and sewed a raw edged ruffle.  I’m telling you, sewing a ruffle is one of the easiest things on the planet to do…if you need a little help, check out my sew a ruffle tutorial.
We took that ruffle, grabbed some fabric flowers (you could totally use silk flowers), and made a quick cover button using some of the same fabric as the ruffle.  You can substitute any button you have.  We hot glued the ruffle across the front of the light turquoise lunch box, glued the flower in the center of the ruffle, then glued the button in the center of the flower.
That’s it!  We are working on the purple one tomorrow, so come back to see what we do with it!  I think we may try to boy up the darkest lunch bag…just to be fair!  Do you think you will decorate your own lunch box?
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