Cleaning Microwave With Lemons ~ Natural Cleaning Tip

Cleaning Microwave With Lemons

So, you know I have been on a total natural cleaning kick…I am loving how clean my home is and the fact that chemicals are not being used…it makes me feel good about my family being exposed to less chemicals!  So today, I tackled my microwave.  I was really skeptical about this method, but thought I’d give it a go!  I can’t wait to show you how easy cleaning  microwave with lemons is!  Yep, lemons and water…that’s it!

The easiest way to clean your microwave - before

This is my microwave before…no judging!  I have a teenager and a 10 year old…there are tons of pizza rolls being zapped around here.

Use lemons to clean your microwave naturallyHere is what you need to do.  Take a lemon and cut it into slices, place them in a microwave safe bowl, fill the bowl with water.  Now place the bowl in the center of your microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes.  When the timer goes off, DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE MICROWAVE!  Let it sit there for at least 2 minutes so the steam from the water and lemons has time to work on the stains in there.

The easiest way to clean your microwaveNow open your microwave and remove the bowl…be careful…it’s going to be hot!!!  Use oven mits or something.  Take a damp rag and wipe out all of the yuckiness.   I held a bowl under the microwave to catch the food bits.  The great thing about the lemons and water is the acidity in the lemons mixed with the steam from heating the water inside loosens all of the icky stuff up, so no scrubbing necessary!

How to get a clean microwave with two ingredients - lemon and water See…all clean!!!

Clean Your Microwave with Lemons - the easiest cleaning trick ever

I am so thrilled to have found one more thing to clean naturally.  I didn’t use much elbow grease at all!  Win, win!

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