Christmas Tree in a Galvanized Bucket

Christmas Tree in a Milk Painted Galvanized Bucket
This year, the kids made it very clear that our Christmas tree could not be a blog project.  They asked very nicely if they could just decorate it, and not make it fancy.  I agreed…not everything has to be a blog project after all.  I did ask if they minded if we put the tree in a nice galvanized bucket this year instead of having a Christmas tree skirt.  They agreed, so I sort of snuck a little blog project in anyway…sneaky momma ;)  See, I’ve always detested a tree skirt…not that I hate them in other’s homes, just in mine.  We have pets…pets that shed.  So, even though I vacuum a million times a week, the tree skirt always seemed covered in fur…bleck!
I found this galvanized bucket at a yard sale this summer for $3, and knew instantly that I wanted to put my tree in it.  Not in the current state, of course, but all painted white…I could just see it.  Matt on the other hand thought I was nuts (what’s new?), so I told him it could also be an outdoor cooler…sneaky wife )

I had been holding on to my sample of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint that I got at the Southern Blogger’s Conference from Amy at Atta Girl Says.  I knew I wanted to do something special with it, but didn’t know what…this was the perfect project!  I mixed it up and literally slapped it on the bucket.  I did 3 coats to cover the green.  I didn’t sand it or anything like that…I wanted it to look worn and chippy.
Once it was all dry, I placed our Christmas tree inside and draped it with a few strands of ruffled burlap.  I love the way it turned out!  No animal fur, and the tree looks like it was planted instead of pulled out of a box and put together.
So…do you do a fancy tree or let the kiddos decorate?  One day I will have a fancy tree, but for now, I am happy to have my babies at home decorating it for me.