Canvas Chalkboard w/ Vinyl Letters


I am sure you can tell that I have a small (well, maybe not so small) obsession with chalkboards.  I have painted just about everything you can imagine with chalkboard paint.  Well, now I have yet another favorite thing…patterned vinyl.  It is so fun, versatile, and you can use it on virtually any surface.  I decided to marry the two and came up with this fun canvas hanging for Kate’s room…she is currently going by Katie, because she is 9 going on 16.  
Here is how I made mine…
Okay, first…did you know that they make chalkboard spray paint?  Ummm…I didn’t, and now that I have found it, well…watch out!  I may turn every surface in my house into a chalkboard!
I started by spray painting a plain old canvas with my chalkboard spray paint.
(It took about 3 coats, and dries very quickly)
This is what it should look like after it dries.
Next, I cut my patterned vinyl on my Cricut machine.  
You can cut your letters by hand if you don’t have one…no big!


I pealed the paper off of the back of the vinyl letters and stuck them directly to the canvas.
Then, I wrote “Please Knock” with one of the coolest inventions ever!
This is absolutely the coolest invention…especially for a chalkboard addict like myself! 
It is a chalk pen!  Yes, you can write with it, and erase it with a wet cloth!
 It’s writes so much prettier than chalk, even though I still love chalk for some things.
Wondering where you can get some of the fabulous patterned vinyl that I used today?  
Mine is from Springfed Vinyl!  They have the most amazing patterns available!
Want to win 20 sheets of patterned vinyl?
Of course you do!  Click here to enter the giveaway!
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