Cam’s Teen Boys Bedroom / Hangout Room Makeover

Sponsored DisclosureTeen Boys Bedroom Makeover - Before and After

This makeover has been what we call “along time comin” here in the south. I’ve been dying to get my hands on Cam’s room for so long, and now that it’s finished, I couldn’t be more pleased! So, today, I want to share Cam’s Teen Boys Bedroom / Hangout Makeover. Keep in mind, this is a realistic makeover…no over the top here. Cam wouldn’t have that for a minute. He wanted comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. I can’t thank 55 Downing Street enough for making this super easy and my partner in crime, Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage who went on this little adventure with me and gave her son Austin a new Teen Bedroom as well…be sure to check it out!


So…do you remember the before? Gah…makes me a little sick feeling. You can see it HERE! Cam’s room was your typical dude’s room. Full of hand me downs, mismatched furniture and random things hanging halfway off of the wall. According to my husband, this is totally normal. Erm…not sure about that.

Teen Hangout for Boys

Well, as Cam has gotten older, more and more of his friends have started congregating at our house. I love that! I would much rather them be hanging out at our home where I know they are safe. So, I thought we should probably do something to make Cam’s room more of a hangout…somewhere they would want to “hang out.” Our home isn’t big. There are no extra rooms and no basement, so I was determined to make this work. I started with a sofa. If nothing else, seating was a must! It also doubles as a second bed when one of his friends stay overnight.


Cam’s most important request was a place for his new t.v. I wanted to make sure that it had plenty of storage so there wouldn’t be random blueray cases and video games scattered all over the place. It’s so much better than the GIGANTIC silver box big screen tv that he talked his dad into letting him have when we replaced our television years ago!

Boys Bedroom Makeover Comfortable Masculine Bedding

And bedding…new bedding was a must. This Woolrich comforter set was the perfect answer to my bedding woes. It’s soft and warm…and masculine. That’s a hard thing to find.

Boys Teen Hangout

We also painted the horrible sponge painted shelf that houses his signed sports memorabilia. It looks so much better in this fabulous shade of blue!

Modern Silver Ceiling Fan Teen Boys Bedroom Makeover

He also scored a fabulous modern silver ceiling fan to replace the girly one that was in his room before. Isn’t it beyond fabulous?

Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I love that his room now has a more mature feeling. There is plenty of seating, It still has the sporty feel that he loves and it’s much more pleasing to this mom’s eyes!

Be sure to visit 55 Downing Street to see all of the options that are available for not only boy’s bedrooms, but every room in your home. They are amazing!




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