Call Me Maybe Tee ~ Iron On Graphic Tee Tutorial


 Since the first day I heard Carly Rae Jepsen sing “Call Me Maybe,” I’ve been dying to make Kate a shirt using this graphic.

I found it on my From My Kitchen cartridge, and I think it’s so cute…I mean, who doesn’t love an old phone?  I remember talking late into the night on a phone that wasn’t much different from this one.  Of course, as soon as Swatch came out with a phone that had two receivers, that phone went to live in my sister’s room.  It wasn’t cool then, but boy would I like to have it back.  You know, now that old is new again.   A mid-80’s vintage rotary phone…wouldn’t that be lovely?

Kate found this cool phone at an estate sale this summer…look closely, the middle says Metropolis.  Maybe I’ll call Superman, even though I prefer the Clark Kent look.

Anyhoooo…I made this cute Call Me Maybe iron on graphic tee for Kate using some scrap fabric and my Cricut machine.  Here is how you do it…


You will need fabric, iron on transfer paper, and either scissors or a cutting machine.  It would be really easy to draw and cut out your own shape/image.


Lay the shiny side of the transfer paper onto the back side of your fabric and iron it on.  Then, flip it over and iron the front side of the fabric to make sure it’s well adhered.


I cut mine using the Cricut Expression 2.  If you are using a cutting machine, simply make sure that your fabric/transfer paper is smoothed out on your mat fabric side up.

Follow your machine’s instructions.  Make sure you have a newer blade in your machine so there won’t be any snagging.


 Once the shape has been cut, remove the paper backing and iron it on a plain tee.


That’s it…ready to wear, and isn’t it cute?  And…no other little girl will have the same one.

I think I may be in trouble now though…she wants a bunch of them.

We are really going to have fun making these…we may even have to apply some of these easy to cut iron on transfers to some cute capri pants for Spring!


I made her some cute little yarn pom poms and sewed them onto ponytail holders to add a cute touch.

My friend Kelly at Eclectically Vintage did a post showing the easiest way to make your own pom poms, and I have been in love with them since!

You can find Kelly’s yarn pom pom tutorial here.

So…what do you think?  Should we go into the fashion business and make our own line of graphic tees?  Wanna join us?


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