Back to School…Time to Get Yourself Organized!

It seems like my kids just got out of school for Summer break last week, but now it’s already time to get ready for going back.  Ugh!  This weekend, both kids got their classroom assignments, school supply lists, and dates for all upcoming back to school events.  It seemed a little early to me, but after looking at my calendar, I realized that they only have 3 1/2 more weeks of Summer break!  The arrival of their school letters always sends me into a ridiculous frenzy.  I must get organized immediately!  So, I thought I would share my tips for getting ready for the school year with you.
The first thing I do is organize my dry erase calendar.  This is my life saver!  I keep it beside my desk, and update it often.  What works best for me is assigning a color to each family member.  I bought a set of small magnetized dry erase markers, and assigned colors to everyone…Kate is pink, Cam is blue, Matt is black, and I am green.  I write everyone’s events in their color, and it helps me to plan ahead for rides and meals.  If someone’s plans change, it is really easy to erase and adjust.  These calendars are pretty cheap, usually between $5 and $10, and they usually have magnets on the back, so you can put them on your refrigerator.    
Next to my calendar, I keep a cork board.  I made this one myself as you can see!  This is where I keep all letters and papers that need to be filled out and sent back to school.  Right now, I have my kid’s school supply lists and classroom assignments on mine.  If papers come in that I am not ready to tackle yet, I just pin them here, so I don’t lose them.  
Once I get both of their school supply lists, I make a list to take to the store with me.  I basically combine both of their lists to keep it less confusing.  This way, I can go to the store and grab things pretty quickly, while marking them off as I go.  I always buy each of them a large plastic tote, and divide their supplies when I get home.  That way, I can just take the tote to school and leave it with their teachers.   Most teachers appreciate this, because everything is together in one place, and they get an extra storage container.  I then write a check for each of their school fees, place it in an envelope with their name and what fees the checks are for, and place it in the top of their tote.  I never send cash, because with all of the supplies coming in, you never know what can get lost in the shuffle.
To make sure that I don’t miss anything that is going on at their schools, I bookmark their school’s websites, and check back often.  Sometimes forms and announcements don’t make it home in their backpacks, so I check at least once a week.  The school’s websites are a great place to check school breakfast and lunch menus, school calendars, and find teacher’s email addresses.  Some teachers even have a website for their classrooms.  Kate is in Spanish Immersion, so her classroom website is a huge help to me!  Cameron’s school lists all homework assignments, so if he has forgotten to write an assignment down in his agenda, he can go and see what homework he has.  
Since we are about 3 1/2 weeks away from the beginning of school, I can now relax a little.  The week before school starts, I will set up an area to keep lunch packing supplies, mark on my calendar which days they will be packing lunch, plan menus, and really start freaking out!  Wish me luck!  
Due to having some of my content and posts stolen by no good lazy people who don’t do their own projects, I am sorry to have to truncate (shorten) my feeds. Please don’t hold it against me, and continue reading, because I do love you and want to share my tutorials with you ;)



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    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. i’m following you now also. i feel the same way. seems like my kids just got out of school. the summer went quick. great blog!

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    Thanks for the back to school tips! I noticed this weekend that stores are stocking up with supplies! When everything is on sale – I try to buy all the supplies they will need for the year. Also,thanks for visiting my site! Check out my push pins for cork boards. I add fused glass to the top of each pin! AAF

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    These are great tips! JDaniel starts preschool in the fall. It is going to be time to start putting your tips into action.

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    A cork board…literally! I love it! Great post too. Thanks for stopping by and following – totally following ya right back!

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    Newest follower from the blog hop. :)
    Your post made me a little sad. This year will be the first time in 18 years I do not have a child in school. :( I loved getting organized and buying all their school supplies and putting them in their new backpacks. (we have 5 kids)
    Oh well, I guess grand kids are next on the agenda! I can’t wait. :)

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    Hey! I’m following you back! thanks for the follow
    I’m a homeschool mom so I loved your whiteboard!we start on 8/8 so I’m dreading the preparation too!
    **for backtoschool stuff, I only get the bare minimum in quanity I need at sales because about 2 weeks after the backtoschool sales end, the clearances are amazing and I get way more for your money.

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    Wow Jessica! My husband would LOVE you! Super organized and your house always seems so tidy! Good tips too!

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    Love this post. We aren’t quite getting ready for back-to-pre-school, but I love some of your organizing, especially your cork-board. I was going to make one, and have a TON of corks, just didn’t know what to do with them. :) Love the pattern you did.

    Anyway, I’m just stopping by from the Alexa Hop and wanted to leave a comment

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    Thanks for the follow at Mom Always Finds Out. Great blog even though this post reminds me I am WAY behind on back to school supplies…we even have to have uniforms this year. Yikes, I need to go shopping!

    Hope to see you around again soon!

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    Wow that is quite the school supply list. I am extremely lucky that my elementary student has her supplies provided so right now I am only paying for my middle schooler. They don’t go back to school though until Aug 31st. So we still have a while. Good luck. :)

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    Love this idea. I don’t have a child in school yet, but I am in school myself finishing my senior year of college and I know the importance of staying organized.

    Being a mom is a full time job and being a full time student is a full time job. Staying organized is the only way I don’t get to stressed.

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    I haven’t read any of your blog yet, but I have a hunch I’m going to enjoy it! I’m a new follower. Found you through Mrs. T, Naturally.

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    I absolutely LOVE the organization! I’m a dry-erase calendar person, myself. My colors are blue for school stuff, green for appointments, red for SUPER important stuff, black for everyday reminders. :)

    Following you from the Totally Tuesay Blog Hop! I hope you’ll follow back. :)


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    I really wish you luck. It looks like you have everything under control and organized. I am so glad I don’t have to do this any more. I had four kids to do this with and I was never very organized.
    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am following back.

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    I love the idea to use different colours for dry erase markers! Have to find some that are thin tipped though. My kids don’t start back till Sept. 6th though (Canada), but love the ideas here, and will use them in a few weeks! Just hopped over from Mrs. T, Naturally’s blog.

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    great tips! I am new to your blog, what a darling family you have. I recently started a blog for inspired mommies. Take a peak at

    have you made your sensory box yet?


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    I work at a school and I’m nowhere near ready to go back. Way to be orgainized.
    Thanks for the comment and the follow. Returning the the favor.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones
    If you get a chance, please stop by and vote on “How do you promote your blog?”

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    Thanks for stopping by Pink Dryer Lint the other day! As a person who appreciates organization, I loved this post! (And I can’t believe that we’re on the cusp of another school year, either!)

    Keep up the good work!

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    I love your use of color on the calendar, what a great way to keep track of things!

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    It is hard to believe it is getting close to back to school time. We have barely had any summer here in NW Washington. Every where else is a heat wave but here it is like Spring still. I need some sunshine!

    I am visiting from the You Like Me Friday blog hop. It is nice to “meet” you. Enjoy your weekend!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

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    found ya on a helicopter moms alexa hop. Sharing the alexa love, please take a min right now (real quick) to comment back on my blog, locomotion of expressions, i have a linky you can find on my left sidebar (the picture of the tiger .. click it!) as well as a ton of giveaways in my july archives, if you have time. Thanks!

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    Great tips! I have a kindergartner starting this year. I think I’m going to implement the dry-erase board and the cork board. Homemade, I love it! Lord knows I have plenty of corks lying around here!!!

    Smile and Mama With Me

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