Art Magnets From Play-Doh Lids

I am so excited to have my friend Molly from Just A Little Creativity here today!  She is sharing the cutest magnet project with us.  Can’t wait to do this one with my kiddos!

Hello readers!
I’m Molly from Just a Little Creativity and I’m so excited to be here at Mom4Real today to share a fun project my kiddos and I have worked on this summer. 

I don’t know about you, but when my kids play with play-doh, it never fails that it eventually ends up dried out. When that’s happened, I’ve saved the colorful lids thinking “I bet I can do something with those”. 
That’s the motto of every crafter anyway, right?


Over time, I’ve also accumulated many art projects from my little budding artists. As beautiful as children’s art is, it’s not very practical to hang every piece around the house.

My solution? Combine the two!
With a regular home scanner and printer, some Mod Podge, and craft magnets, you can have a fridge full of these mini masterpieces!

I began by letting the kids chose a few of their favorite art projects, then I scanned each piece, and printed it in wallet size. I printed mine on regular paper, but card stock would work as well.

Once your art is printed, the steps are very easy-

1. Trace around the lid
2. Cut the image to size, keeping in mind that you’re inserting the image into the lid, so you’ll be cutting it a bit smaller than the circle you traced.
3. Brush Mod Podge into the lid and insert the printed image 
4. Once that’s dry (about 20-30 min) add a layer of Mod Podge on top of the image. You can do a few layers of Mod Podge if you’d like. 

    5. Once dry, add magnets to the back. Here, I’ll tell you I tried lots of different glues and a few different magnets before I found something that would stick to the smooth plastic surface of the lids. I found that a strong super glue on craft magnets that have a sticky padding on them is best. I found mine at Office Depot. I also found that if you take a piece of sandpaper and rough up the surface just a bit, it sticks even better. I still suggest being gentle with them, if they get dropped on the floor too many times, the magnet could still come off.

    That’s it, you’re finished!
    See, I told you it was easy. Now, you can display your child’s precious artwork without it overtaking your entire home.

    I’ve enjoyed my time with you here today, and I’d love for you to stop over at Just a Little Creativity sometime for even more fun and creative ideas!


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    1. says

      What a great idea! “I could do something with that” – definitely the crafter motto! :)

    2. says

      I am now following you on Pinterest.

      I also wanted to invite you to my blog. I just began a new linky party entitled “Friday’s Favorite Pin” where you link up your favorite pin of the week. And yes, it can be your own creation.

      Have a lovely weekend.

    3. says

      Found you from Mod Podge Rocks…

      This is such a great idea. I was wondering what I could do with juice carton and spaghetti sauce jar caps and this could work. I have thin magnet sheets instead of craft magnets though. Hope it works.


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