Aged Stack of Love Letters {tutorial}


A few weeks ago, I posted my The Notebook Inspired Valentine’s Mantel.  Since then, I have received a few emails asking where I got the stacks of love letters.

I would love to tell you that Matt wrote them, and mailed them to me from a far away land, but that would be a lie.

I made them…I know, lame story…no romance there.  Matt and I have never been apart for more than 3 days, so I’ve gotten little more than a love text or a dozen roses.

This girl makes her own love letters…here is how.


 Grab a box of envelopes…usually around $1.

Fill your sink full of water and toss some of your envelopes in.  I used about 20 of them.

Drop in some tea bags and let them all soak together for about 30 minutes.

Pull the envelopes out and lay them somewhere flat to dry.  I spread mine out on my patio table.

Once they are dry, wrap them with some string, twine or yarn…that’s it!


I love the look of a stack of love letters…they remind me of Allie and Noah from The Notebook, and just make me feel all mushy inside.

Mine rest at the base of the chalkboard on my Valentine’s Mantel.

Do you have a stack of real love letters, or do you have to make your own just like me?

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