A Succulent Plant Valentine

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Hi friends! I’m Chelsea from Making Home Base. I’m so glad to be back here at Mom 4 Real! Today, I’m excited to share with you a fun, and sort of different, homemade Valentine. I am really getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year and I’m taking this opportunity to share a little token of love and gratitude to the people in my life that mean the most. It only a small gesture but I know it will mean a lot! I wanted to come up with a little Valentine for some of the my favorite adults.

Maybe you have a friend or neighbor or teacher that you’d like to reach out to this Valentine’s Day. This homemade goodie is perfect for you!

Shall we get started?

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I picked up a couple of succulent plants at Lowe’s for less than $3.00. I live in sunny southern California so really there are many plants that would have worked nicely for this project (for my friends is places that have that white stuff on the ground – this is not a brag!) but succulents are low maintenance and I imagine you can find them just about anywhere, even in February.  Beth at Unskinny Boppy shares some great tips on growing succulents.  I also grabbed some potting soil from Lowes. I got the planters from Ikea and Target, the white one is from Ikea, the aluminum pail came from the dollar section of Target.

First you want to drill a hole in the bottom of your planters for proper drainage.

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Next, pot your succulents. Now you are done with the easy part :)

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For the tag, I wanted to create a cute little something to go with the plant so I came up with a kinda cheesy saying for it:

Roses are Red

Plants are Green

Being your Friend

Is such a DREAM

Of course you can change the “friend” part to suit your needs. I also did one for my neighbor. It would also be great for a teacher, or sister, or whoever.

 photo 9d469ff7-4c9c-4850-b85c-3019987b0e54_zps91c8429a.jpg

I used my Silhouette to create the tag. The tag is a freebie that came in my Silhouette library. I simply printed the wording out on some Kraft paper and then ran it through my Silhouette to cut it out (make sure you have your lettering set to “no cut”).

 photo PlantValentinegift_zpsbcbe1c17.jpg

For a little pop of color I added a strip of pink washi tape and used pink baker’s twine to attach the tag to the planter. I think this gives it a more Valentine’s Day look.

 photo PlantValentine_zps2448df30.jpg

And that’s it! Ready to be gifted. Now you have a sweet little Valentine to show your love for a friend or neighbor! They’re going to love it!

You can view more of my Valentine’s Day projects by visiting my Valentine’s Day Project Gallery.

I want to give Jessica, a big thanks and virtual hug for having me today, it’s such a treat! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much for sharing, Chelsea!  I am a plant lover, and can’t imagine a cuter gift…now I want one for my desk!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




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