6 Fun & Unconventional Storage Solutions

The home we live in is smallish with very limited storage space and no coat closet, so finding clever ways to store our things is a must.  I am always looking for new ways to get organized, and I am not a big fan of storage bins or anything plastic for that matter, so I really try to think outside of the box when it comes to storage containers.
There are so many fun ways to store your belongings…you just have to open your mind a little.
Here are 6 fun and unconventional ways that I have found to store my “stuff”…
I painted an old silverware holder that used to belong to my Grandma to hold pens, glasses, and a calculator on my desk…right by my Old Window Turned Wine Cork Board.
This is one of my faves…a $5 mail sorter turned charging station to hold my laptop, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
(It sits on the bottom shelf beside the couch for convenience)
Sap buckets going up our stairs to hold hats, gloves, stray toys, books, and whatever else the kiddos have left lying around.
A large wire basket to hold my cookbooks.  It sits right on top of my refrigerator so I can easily access them. No more wasted space there!
A tin box to hold some kitchen essentials…and Ball jars to hold powdered sugar and straws…too cute!
And finally, my favorite…the Painted and Distressed Trunk that Matt made in highschool.  It serves as our coffee table and stores all of my books and photo albums.
So, do you have any clever storage solutions?
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