Reindeer Dropcloth Pillows Made With A Freezer Paper Stencil

I have made a few dropcloth pillows using freezer paper stencils lately, but these have to be my new favorite.  See, Christmas is a week away, and my mom keeps asking me to please make her some new pillows.  So, in addition to the gifts we bought for her, I made these two reindeer pillows using freezer paper, acrylic paint, and my Cricut machine with the Winter Woodland cartridge.  A few months ago, I posted my Ampersand Pillow with a Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial.  Then, I used vinyl to make a Silhouette of Kentucky Stenciled Dropcloth Pillow.  I may have a serious pillow making addiction.  It’s just too easy to make your own freezer paper stencil pillows.
Here is the problem, though…I want to keep them.  They match my couch perfectly, and they can be left out the entire Winter season.  But, I want my mom to be the only person in the world with these pillows, because they fit her to a tee!  She lives on a farm pretty far out in the country.  She has this really big window that overlooks a large pond, and she looks out often to see deer roaming the hillside.  She has this daybed that sits right in front of the window, and it is stacked with comfy blankets and lots of pillows.  These pillows were made especially for that spot.  So, they are hers.
I cut my stencil using my Cricut machine, but you could trace a design using freezer paper and cut with scissors or an X-acto knife.
After the stencil was cut out and ironed onto the fabric (dropcloth in this case), I used a stencil brush to apply the paint.  Click here to go to the full tutorial.
They really are so simple to make, and once you have made one, your possibilities are endless.  You can essentially make pillows with any design you want.  Since I am giving these to my mom, I will have to make myself some new ones…the only question is what do I want on mine???
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    Your pillows are beautiful. I want the pattern and
    am going to try to blow one up and use it in the
    printer.. I made some of my own using parchment
    paper through the printer and it worked perfectly.
    thanks so much for sharing


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