Camera Cap Leash

Last month I bought a new pimped out camera…well, it’s much better than my old one.  I love, love, love it!  The only problem with this new fabulous camera is that it has a lens cap.  Now for most people, this is no problem at all.  For me, it’s a ridiculously huge problem.  In less than a month, I bet I have lost my lens cap about a bazillion times!  So, I decided to make a leash for my lense cap!
Here is how I made it…
First I grabbed up my supplies…my lense cap, some ribbon, scrapbooking paper cut in a circle, mod podge, hot glue, and a lanyard clip.
I hot glued one end of the ribbon to the lense cap.
Then, I painted a coat of Mod Podge on the back of my scrapbook paper circle.
Next, I smoothed it onto the front of the lense cap, and made sure to smooth out all of the wrinkles.
After the Mod Podge had dried, I painted another coat on top of the paper to seal it.  Then, I secured the other end of the ribbon to the lanyard clip.
This is what it should look like at this point.
I wanted mine to have a little more bling, so I made a rolled flower rosette, and hot glued it to the top.
You can find my rolled flower rosette tutorial here on my How To’s page.
Now I have a camera cap leash that matches my camera strap cover perfectly!  If you are interested in the tutorial for the camera strap cover, you can find it here!
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    Super cute! I’ve wanted to make myself a camera strap with a lens cap pocket, but this adds a bit more flair that is so fun! Thanks for sharing :) Happy to be your newest follower!

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    This is super-awesome! I too just got a nice new camera (looks like it’s the same as yours, a rebel?) And, like you, I’ve lost my lens cap a bazillion times too! I NEED to do what you’ve done! I just hope it can be as cute as yours! VERY nice!!!! SO glad you share this!!!!

  3. 16


    This is so cute. I need to make one of these. Thanks for linking up last week at Whimsy Wednesday. Hope you’ll join me again tonight for another party!

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